Tuesday, July 30, 2013

settling in...

i promise i'll get back to regular posting one of these days, but for now it's somewhat sporadic and probably a little chaotic - much like our lives ;-)

we've officially been home together as a family of five for a week now. there are times where things run seamlessly and i feel like jeffrey and i deserve a medal. and then there are times when i'm thankful i'm not a reality show of any kind, because people would surely judge me in the worst way - ha!

so far, *knockonwood* liza has been a relatively easy baby. all things considered with her entrance into the world. but since arriving home, she pretty much just eats, sleeps, and poops. all the things babies are supposed to do. i know that can all change in the blink of an eye, so we're trying to keep that in mind through the good days and bad.

libbi has been absolutely over the moon excited. she is the proudest big sister i've ever seen. she is like a little momma. it is the sweetest thing for us to watch her interact with liza. she talks to her in a tiny little voice and just ooh's and ah's over her all day. she has even started calling her, "lize" ha! she is the only one that calls laney, "lane" and i guess she's decided to call liza, "lize" ;-)

it's almost like she's experiencing the whole "big sister" thing for the first time. libbi wasn't even two when we had laney, so she really had no clue what was going on. this time around, she's very aware and so excited. but with her newfound awareness and excitement also comes a lot of questions....
we've had quite a few *interesting* conversations regarding nursing. i'll spare you the details, but let's just say she had some questions i was definitely not prepared to answer - ha!
she also wants to know the reason why liza does the things that she does.... "Why does baby liza cry? why does baby liza make so many funny noises? why does baby liza's belly button look like that? and on and on and on..." 

laney, on the other hand, is content to just go about her business and check in with us every once in a while. she loves "baby why-za" and is more than ready to hold her whenever the need arises. and every time she holds her she says, "i'm a big girl!" and just smiles. then two seconds later she's "done" and i have to be ready to make the catch or else baby liza might end up on the floor. sometimes i'm not sure if laney is more into liza or liza's accessories. she has frequented the bouncy seat, the car seat, and even tested out the basinet.  i've caught her on numerous occasions trying on liza's socks, bows, and even trying to squeeze into some of her pants (not gonna happen). she was quite excited this morning when she noticed (all on her own) that liza's umbilical cord had fallen off. she's been announcing all day that her "billy buddon fell off!" i guess that could be considered her first proud moment as a big sister. ya gotta start somewhere, right? ;) 

we've made a few outings over the past few days and have been somewhat successful. after staying home for a week straight, we were all pretty much going stir crazy. we had to get out of the house - for all of our sakes :) 

liza was rather unimpressed with the park and target. little does she know, both of those places will probably become favorites of hers. the big girls did great and were super cooperative. which i appreciated, but i also know that won't always be the case. but, we'll cross that bridge when we get there (likely tomorrow - ha!) 

so, aside from lack of sleep - things have gone rather smoothly so far. of course, i also realize that as soon as i hit "publish" on this post - i may very well be eating those words.  ;-)
but for now, i'll enjoy it. 

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