Thursday, August 1, 2013

memories of firsts; introductions....

today is august first
i'm writing my first "memories of firsts" post as a momma of three girls. 
so far, so good. :) 

the first time libbi became a big sister, she was a little timid. 

the first time she met liza, and became a big sister for the second time around - she was still a little timid. 

the hospital can be a scary place at first

the first thing libbi asked on the way to meet liza was, "how will we know which baby is liza?" sweet, smart, little love. 

the first thing she asked when she actually saw liza was, "why is she nekkie?!" ha! 

the first thing laney said when we told her she was going to visit liza, "baby why-za"

the first thing laney said upon seeing her new baby sister was, " cute!"

when laney became a big sister for the first time, she was a little more concerned with the whereabouts of buddy and mimzy out in the waiting room than with her new little sister in the hospital room. ;)

the first day we brought laney home from the hospital, libbi was a little unsure. she had just woken up from her nap and....surprise! there was a new baby at home. 

the first day we brought liza home from the hospital, libbi was full of confidence and ready to hold her. 

laney on the other hand, was certain she was meant to hold the baby. at all times. it reminded me of the way libbi used to stretch out her arms and try to hold laney. :) 

the first time i saw libbi and laney together, i was certain there was nothing that i could possibly love more.... and then two years later, i saw all three of my girls together for the first time and my heart just burst. 

i'm sure there will be many more "firsts" with all three of these girls, but i pray that they will always remember that they were each other's first friend. 

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Happy August FIRST!!

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