Friday, August 2, 2013

five on activities for your littles!

i may be a little late, but i'm back this week with more educational activities for your preschooler and free printables!  this week's five on friday features more activities for your little ones this summer! in honor of "national watermelon day" on august 3rd (who knew?!) this week's theme is...yep, you guessed it: watermelons

to read more about the five on friday series and to see theme's from week's past, CLICK HERE.
read on for this week's five on friday: watermelons.. (all printables/links at bottom of post).

paper plate/torn paper watermelons: give your child a paper plate cut in half. you can finger paint edges green, the center red/pink and add seeds to the middle (using fingerprints or actual watermelon seeds). you can also have your child tear small pieces of green paper for the edges/red/pink for the middle and black for the seeds. this is a great fine motor skill for older children.

seed matching/chocolate chip watermelons:  you can write a number on a watermelon "slice" and have your child add the coordinating number of seeds (using chocolate chips as the seeds) he/she can eat them when finished! or feel free to use the printable - cut them out, laminate if you choose or cover in contact paper. seed matching - use the printable, or paper plate watermelons, or draw your own. add "Seeds" to the watermelons. have your child find the matching slice with the same number of seeds.

watermelon book: read the watermelon poem with your child. sing it, chant it, make up motions to it. cut out the rectangles for the book. have your child illustrate the pages in the book. have him/her read it back to you or to a younger sibling.


one in a melon photo frame: you can use the watermelon from the first day if you chose to paint instead of tear paper. otherwise, paint a paper plate to resemble a watermelon (green edge, red/pink center, black seeds). cut a hole in the middle and attach a picture. you can write directly on the plate or use the printable tag included. 

watermelon treats: enjoy slices of watermelon. freeze cubes of watermelon to make "popsicles", put a popsicle stick on a watermelon triangle to make a popsicle. bake cupcakes and dye them green using food coloring. ice them in red and add chocolate chips for the seeds. the possibilities are endless! while you are making/eating your watermelon snack - you can also make a popsicle stick watermelon. paint three sticks green, and four red. hot glue or tape together. add fingerprint seeds or actual watermelon seeds (See picture for example). 
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feel free to email me with any questions - i'll be happy to help! mrsamytippins {at} gmail {dot} com

**CLICK HERE for free printables and directions from above.

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happy friday, friends!
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