Tuesday, August 13, 2013


the big girls love watching, "tangled." it's one of their favorite movies and they can quote a good bit of it (at least they think they can...). ha!

if i wanted to get really technical, i could probably tell a lot about their personalities just by analyzing their favorite parts of the movie...

libbi loves when mother gothel yells at rapunzel, "you are NOT leaving this tower...EVER!" and when she sings, "mother knows best." libs does her best evil villain voice every time she acts out those parts. and she's quite convincing. :)

laney, on the other hand, loves when rapunzel escapes from the tower for the first time and sings. laney acts out the entire sequence each time - complete with the "splashing" in the water and rolling in the grass.

and both girls LOVE when rapunzel says, "best.day.EVER!"
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they quote it all the time and will say "best day ever!" often throughout the day. and as much as we laugh every time they say, "best. day. EVER!" to our precious girls, each day really is the best day ever. they don't need any bells or whistles, they just love each day for what it is. they find joy in the mundane and relish in the routine of our every day. 

each night when we sit down to supper, in between the craziness of trying to get everyone seated and fed and relatively calm, we talk about our days. it's definitely one of the highlights of my day as we all go around the table and tell our "best parts."  libbi really enjoys asking every one how their day was and what their favorite part of the day was. she also really enjoys telling her favorite part. as cheesy as it is, it's nice to hear what she enjoyed from her day. sometimes it's a fun outing, other times it's things as simple as "just playing with lane was my favorite part." laney participates too, and she'll sometimes say an actual even that occurred during her day, "i played with libbi."other times she comes up with things completely out of left field, "my favorite part was playing in the fountains with buddy." (when we didn't leave the house all day or see buddy at all).

even though she is completely making things up, we all laugh and she'll say "nah. i trickin'" and then we continue talking about our days. i think the girls enjoy it as much as jeffrey and i do. because even if we've had a "rough" supper time (as we sometimes do), libbi will say, "Wait! we forgot to tell about our days!" and make sure that we still go around the table and tell our best parts. 

as silly as it may seem, our nightly routine is a nice reminder that even in the midst of the stress and chaos and craziness that is our life right now, there are still plenty of "best" parts to be thankful for.

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