Friday, August 16, 2013

five on friday...

it's friday, and i'm linking up with darci and the girls for "five on friday." i'm making it just by the skin of my teeth, but as long as i hit "publish" by 11:59 pm, then it still counts as five on FRIDAY. ;-)
no educational activities in my five on friday this week, but there are still a few free printables. keep reading for some fun "lunchbox notes" for your little one (or your husband if you're cheesy like i am!)

this week has been busy, busy, busy!  on monday, we met some friends at a fun little place called, "everland" (or "neverland" if you're libbi). the girls had such a great time playing and jumping around - you'd never have guessed we were just there two days before. while the girls dressed up and played with friends - liza snoozed away.

*side note...THIS is not a hat. it's a fairy trick or treat basket. laney could not be convinced otherwise...

on tuesday, we went to a family BBQ at my mom's work. say the words "bouncy house" and my girls are all over it. it didn't even bother them that it was raining. and truth be told, they don't even like BBQ. but throw in a little face painting, time with their cousins, and goodie bags - they were in heaven. the cookies and chips that they ate for supper were just an added bonus. everyone even had their own nametag (even liza) even though once again, she just snoozed away. 

the girls were with the grandparents on thursday (and libbi somehow managed to talk her way into going to "neverland" again...for the 3rd time in a week!) i was able to spend some time with the littlest tippins girl. sweet liza is growing like a weed. despite a few possible reflux issues, she's still packing on the pounds. baby girl likes to snooze, but you better believe she wakes up to eat. ;)

friday the girls and i headed out to the pediatrician for liza's check-up. i'm so glad our dr's office has "surfboards" in the waiting room....!
liza weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds 9 ounces. did i mention that she weighed 7.11 at her last check-up two weeks ago?! like i said, baby girl doesn't miss a meal. grow, liza, grow! :)
the big girls did really well during the appointment (besides when libbi got an in depth lesson from the nurse on the purpose of taking a r*ctal temp in an infant. not even kidding. way more than even I wanted to know...)
we played a rousing game of "simon says" while we waited for some test results, got our stickers, and then we were on our way. 

libbi went home with my mom and dad for the night so i had some time with the sweetest middle sister around. laylay is sweet as she can be - and can always make me laugh. she's very into her puzzles right now, so we spent the afternoon putting together (and taking apart) puzzles...over and over and over.

**fear not...that's laney's bitty baby (aka baby liza) in the bouncy seat. NOT the actual baby liza** ;) 

i made some fun "lunchbox notes" to add into the girls' lunchboxes once school starts. jeffrey may or may not receive them as well. he'd never admit it, but he loves my cheesy ways. :) there's a variety of notes, so hopefully there will be a few that you can use. 

CLICK HERE to download the free versions. (as always, these are for personal use only. feel free to share them, but please link back to this original post. thank you!)

and, on that note (ha!) i'll wrap up this post. 
hope y'all have a fabulous weekend, friends! 

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