Monday, August 19, 2013

one month...

liza june you are one month old today! it's been the shortest (and longest) month ever! ;)
although you are still pretty sleepy, you're starting to wake up more and have more alert times during the day (and night) ;)
since you're only one month "new", we're are still getting to know you and learning what you like and dislike. technically, today should be your "one week" birthday, but instead you're a month old (4 weeks and three days!) although you were born a "preemie" you definitely don't look like a tee-tiny-newborn. in fact, many a doctor and nurse have commented on your healthy size. i couldn't be prouder.

your big sisters made cupcakes to celebrate the occasion. libbi has decided that we'll bake something each month to celebrate your "birthday"...she's already planned out what we'll have for the next three months. :) 

sometimes i think you look like libbi as a baby and other times i think you look like a mix of libbi and laney. i definitely think you favor libbi more and i really see a lot of your daddy in you, too. just for comparison's sake (and i promise i won't do this every month) here are each of you girls at one month old.... obviously my picture taking skills have not improved much over the past four years. ;) 
libbi, laney, liza all at one month old...
we love you, liza june and we are SO thankful that you are a part of our family.  what a blessing you are to us already. we can't wait to watch you grow!!

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