Friday, August 23, 2013

five on friday... naptime (or not).

it's no secret that laney is full of energy and spunk.
she is a free spirit in every sense of the word, but along with her free spirit also comes a stubborn streak that's at least a mile long (which she undoubtedly gets from her daddy - ha!) ;-)
we've been struggling with naps and bedtime lately. and by "lately" i mean at least a few months. sister just does not want to sleep.
my mom says it's called, "payback" but that's neither here nor there....

anyway, about 6 weeks before liza was born, we decided to go ahead and move laney to a "big girl bed".... and let's just say it didn't work out so well. she did NOT want to stay in bed or even in her room for that matter. we tried everything, but were never really successful in finding something that worked. so one day in my (very) pregnant and desperate state, after weeks of screaming, crying, and not sleeping (from all parties involved) i just decided to cut our losses and put her crib back up.

honestly, it went really well for a few weeks. she'd cry a little when i put her down for naps, but it was short lived and soon she was back to napping consistently and going to bed without too much of a fuss. there were times she'd request someone to sit in her glider while she went to sleep in the bed, but even that was a MAJOR improvement, so we didn't mind too much.

and then everything changed.

one early morning i was feeding liza in my room and i heard laney wake up. libbi was already up for the day, so i asked her to go to laney's room and let her know that i was feeding liza and i'd be there to get her up in a minute. laney would tend to be fine if we opened her door and turned on her light and she knew that someone was on their way to get her. this time it was a little different.

i heard libbi go into laney's room and then, the next thing i know, they're BOTH standing in my room. libbi very excitedly says, "Guess what, momma?! you don't have to worry 'bout getting laney anymore, because i taught her how to climb out of her bed!" and boy, was she proud. laney was pretty tickled, too. i'm fairly sure i was the only one not seeing the "silver lining" of that moment.

and libbi was right, she DID teach laney how to climb out.

and climb out she did.
stinkin' day since then.

so, in honor of our stealth little monkey (who can climb out of her bed without making a sound), this week's five on friday is all about laney and her crib scaling ways:


"all day, all day, all day..." and she's not lying. she DOES climb out "all day, all day, all day...."


wardrobe changes...
she climbs out and empties her drawers of every stitch of clothing she owns, yet she shows up downstairs in only glass slippers. oh, laylay....


so tired....
as you can see, poor laney is SO tired when she doesn't nap. bless her heart, she doesn't have an ounce of energy. (and i love how she says, "YIZE, watch this" to liza ;-))


hiding spots.
apparently laney thinks if she hides in "Yibbi's" bed, then no one can find her and she won't have to nap.


"it's not naptime..."
except that it is. and do not let her pitiful apology fool you. ("i'm sorry i climb out my bed...") she's not the least bit sorry! :) also - the video monitor has become her own personal intercom.

happy friday, friends! hope you get lots of sleep this weekend, because we surely won't! :-)

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