Tuesday, August 27, 2013

hand, foot, and mouth...

hand, foot, and mouth - alternately known as whiny, ornery, and fussy. 
both of the big girls have had HFM. not the most fun we've ever had. laney came down with it first and before i even realized what it was, libbi had it too. i've heard stories from some people about how awful it was when their kid had it and how miserable they were and thankfully, we haven't had that experience *knockonwood* 
we've been homebound and quarantined since saturday so we are going a little stir crazy at this point. laney was never bothered by the whole thing as far as i could tell. libbi's main complaint were the blisters all over her mouth, but not enough to keep her from eating. she was more upset about missing the pool party she'd been invited to over the weekend. she kept saying, "but i don't FEEL sick!" 
despite all the whining and drama that's been going on, i am thankful that the girls have not been miserable and feeling awful. they've been at each other's throats, but i'm thankful they still feel like playing (and fighting). ;)

after the initial shock (and thankfulness that it WASN'T chicken pox) and after calling the friends we'd played with the previous days (So, sorry girls!) we settled in for a loooooong weekend and beginning of the week. 
 this picture of libbi getting liza to "smile" definitely came back to haunt me....
we did a lot of lying around and snoozing...
 a *little* (or a lot) of movie watching....(and yes, that is a "gummy" stuck to the back of her shirt) 
lots of puzzles....
and jammie wearing.
and when we weren't in jammies - we were picking out our own clothes....

poor liza had to find new "friends" to play with. i'm sure she wasn't too disappointed - these friends seemed to understand "personal space" a little better than her sisters....

by monday, we had resorted to making "mazes" in the house. i didn't get the whole "maze" thing. i just saw a MESS! (and a photobomb by laney wearing sisters shoes!) 

and today we read lots of books, and even rode bikes in the house. 

and by this afternoon we were desperate to get out!
the girls were practically begging for fresh air -ha! ;) 

**and if you're wondering why there are so many pictures of laney, but not of libbi-there is a good reason. libs chose to recover from HFM mostly in the buff. she felt as though that would speed up her recovery process. therefore, she is not pictured on the blog in her "get well get-up" ;-)** (or lack there of).

thanks for all the friends that have checked on us. hopefully we're on the mend and will be back in the land of the living soon enough. we're just praying baby liza doesn't get (or me and jeffrey!)

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