Tuesday, September 3, 2013

laney says...

you know those cute little things your kids say that aren't necessarily "right" but they're precious and perfect and just so "them?" i can remember my little sister used to call pop-tarts "part-tarts" and my family still to this day refers to them as "part-tarts" some 20+ years later. 
libbi used to call her shoes, "you's." she'd be getting dressed and it would never fail, she'd need some help with her "you's" ;-) and she used to call herself "bibbi pitt-tins." of course we'd laugh and think how sweet it sounded and get her to say it over and over and over. and then one day, she didn't say "you's" any more. and she pronounced "tippins" just like the rest of us. and i had no idea when or how it happened. 

i know it's bound to happen, but when they stop mispronouncing words or making up their own, it just seems like such a big part of growing up and it's so bittersweet. 
i can look back and think of handfuls of phrases and words that libbi used "incorrectly" and yet we picked up on them, too. because it was part of her language,  it naturally became part of ours. and then we had laney and had to learn a whole new language ;-)

i wanted to write down some of the things laney says because i know that all too soon, she'll grow out of this stage and her two year old vocabulary will be a distant memory. 

"bell-belt" aka belly button. she is very particular about her diaper covering her "bell-belt" 

"yibs" aka Libs. laney pronounces all her l's as y's. so she says, "yibbi" and "yiza." most of the time she says, "yibs" though and it is just the cutest thing. we frequently call libbi, "libs" so it's just so sweet to hear laney do it too. i have to admit, i love hearing her say "yibs! it's time for yunch!" ;-)

"hee-yaw!" aka yee-haw. she says it in reverse every single time. she likes to pretend she's riding a horse and she'll say "hee-yaw pard-ner!" it's typically while she's sitting on the arm of a chair, the edge of the bed, or some other place she shouldn't be. 

"cow moo" aka cow. we hear this a lot since she's referring to her cow watch from chick-fil-a.

"ticken" aka kitchen. laney loves to be in the "ticken" since that's where all the snacks are -ha!

"bandaid" aka rubberband. she will tell me she needs a bandaid in her hair and a bow. she still calls bandaids, "bandaids" but i guess she just thinks that word has two meanings :)

"chick-a-fay" aka chickfila. we love us some chick-a-fay.

"apple circus" aka madagascar 3 - haha! both libbi and laney LOVE madagascar 3. i mean LOOOVE it! when they were sick with hand foot and mouth and we had to stay home, we must have watched it at least twice a day. funny enough, both girls think that marty is singing "apple circus" when he is actually singing "AFRO circus."  so they both sing "apple circus, apple circus..." and now laney (and libbi) just refer to the movie as "apple circus."

we love our laney girl and all her laney ways. :) 

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