Saturday, September 7, 2013

five on friday...

better late than never {once again}....but here are five random things on this friday evening:

the girls went back to school this week. libbi had a half day on wednesday and a full day on thursday, while laney just had a half day on thursday. carpool hasn't started yet, so i had to walk them both in (plus supplies and liza) and go back in to pick them up - at two different times. so really, i feel like it was kind of crazy between drop off's and pick up's and differing schedules. i'll be happy when we're on a "normal" schedule next week. 
the last day of school in may..... first day of school in september

someone please tell me how THIS happened?! i can't even look at it without wanting to cry! this was libbi's last "first day" of preschool. slow down, time! 

jeffrey and i are going to the uga vs sc game tomorrow. it will be the first time i've left liza for more than a few hours since she was born. i'm a little nervous, okay...a lot nervous, but i know she'll be fine. now uga just better win to make it all worth it! 

laney had to bring in a family picture as "homework" for her new two year old class. and that's when i realized we don't have one of all five of us! well, that's not completely true, we do have one. but it's a rather *rough* picture that i'd prefer to not send in. it was taken when we came home from the hospital after a five night/six day stay. it wasn't my finest hour. so our mission for this weekend (or before laney goes back to school on tuesday) is to take a family picture. i'm sure jeffrey is thrilled. 

the girls had movie night at mimzy and buddy's tonight. 

poor liza couldn't hang. :) 

and now libbi and laney are sleeping together. we'll see how long it lasts....

happy friday!

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