Friday, September 13, 2013

that time we started school and i took a blogging break...

alternately titled {the longest blog title i've ever had...}

both of the big girls started school last week, but this week was their first official week of going their regularly scheduled hours. libbi goes M-TH from 9-1 and laney goes T and TH from 9-1. while it's wonderful and they both love it, it's kind of bittersweet at the same time. i'm not used to having libbi gone so many days in a row. and it's just a reminder that kindergarten is that much closer. now excuse me while i go hide in a corner and cry :(

it's crazy, because i had all these "big plans" of things i was going to accomplish during my "free time" (ha! what's that?! right?) and yet, i didn't even come close to marking anything off my list. one of life's greatest mysteries is how the hours of 9- 1 (or the hours my girls are in school) can FLY by, but that ONE hour before bedtime on a rough day can feel like it lasts forever. ;)

the girls are both loving school. after a teary first day for laney, we've had successful carpool drop-offs all this week. whew! it's SO much easier without the tears. a little harder to know i'm not missed as much, but i'd rather leave a happy baby than a crying baby any day. laney likes to tell me that she was "happy and cried just a 'yittle' bit" at school. love that sweet girl.

they had popsicles and spiritwear day today. i am thankful i knew about the popsicles beforehand, because laney looked like she belonged in a crime scene when i picked her up. apparently red popsicles stain hands (and arms, and faces, and legs) just as much as they do clothing - ha!
libbi has really enjoyed school thus far. she's always been a fan of school, but this year she seems to be blossoming already. it blesses my heart to pick her up and see her full of excitement and happiness as she tells me about her day. and then laney will say "i still love you at school, momma!" and i'm pretty close to a blubbering mess the whole way home. oh, how i love those girls!

and little miss liza has just been the sweetest, most content, little baby! she's along for the ride and happy to be there. she's started smiling, but i haven't caught any on camera just yet. she's still a little stingy with those grins. she makes you work for it. but it's worth it, for sure. i'm enjoying a little one on one time with her and i'm pretty sure she likes having an uninterrupted nap. her sisters love her to pieces, but sometimes a girl just needs a little peace and quiet. ;-)

at this point, i'm pretty sure laney likes the days that libbi goes to school more than the days SHE goes to school - haha! she loves libbi SO much, but she likes being the "biggest" sister on the days when libbi is at school. the first thing she requests is to "sit in yib's seat" as soon as we drop libs off. she then wants to "pick 'da moo-bee" since libbi seems to always have first choice with the DVDs. when we're at home, she has free reign over all the dress-up clothes, accessories, and toys. and boy does she take advantage of it. she is quick to put on libbi's clothes, too. and she'll prance around like the cat that just ate the canary. she's a little stinker. but a cute little stinker.

i'm sure the next weeks will be full of more of the same and then some. it's a busy season, but i wouldn't change it for anything. ;) 

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