Friday, September 20, 2013

five on friday...

we just got back from a wonderful week at one of our most favorite places... fripp island! i've got lots of pictures to post and stories to share, but for now - i'm linking up with darci from the good life blog for "five on friday."

i'm sure you've heard people say that when you have kids, you take "trips" and not "vacations" - ha! :) i have to say i tend to agree. we love our girls and have so much fun taking them to the beach, but "relaxing" is not necessarily an adjective i would use to describe our beach trips during this season of life. but, that's okay!  it's not about relaxing, it's about making memories with our family - and that's exactly what we did! while most of us were busy playing, swimming, running, and *ahem* NOT sleeping (i'm looking at you, laney!) there was one little tippins girl who had a VERY relaxing week. so, in honor of the littlest tippins girl, here is this week's five on friday.....

the top five reasons it's great to vacation as a baby:
there is no such thing as a "beach body." the more rolls you have, the cuter you look in your bathing suit. you don't have to worry one iota about "sucking in" or watching what you eat. you can let it all hang out and every one still thinks you're the cutest thing on the beach.  in fact, it doesn't even matter if you wear a bathing suit at all. going without is completely acceptable. 

you can sleep anywhere, anytime. vacation truly is all about relaxing. everyone caters to your every need. it doesn't even matter if you straight pass out while they're talking to you. when you're tired - you sleep. when you're hungry - you eat. and when you're feeling a little cranky - you let everyone know it.... and no one holds it against you.

no one cares if you smile for pictures. they'd almost prefer you just slept right through them. people actually WANT you to close your eyes in pictures. 

you don't have to get involved in the cheating scandals of late night (aka 7:45pm) games of "hi-ho cherry-o." you're free to observe and voice your opinions from the sidelines. 
although, you might get suckered into other "games" that you had no desire to be a part of....
your only job is to lie there and look cute. that's it. you have an entire week of guilt free vegging out, eating and sleeping. 

now THAT'S what vacations are made of. ;-)

happy friday, friends! 
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