Tuesday, September 24, 2013

two months...

liza june, you are 2 months old!!! you were officially two months old on september 18th. and you spent your 2 month birthday at the beach - such fun! but don't get used to it, as much as we'd love to, we won't be able to celebrate every birthday at the beach. ;)

it seems like you have grown leaps and bounds within the past month. in fact, you grew so much that the nurse had to check your weight twice at your well visit. her comment was, "wow...that's quite a weight jump. just wanted to make sure i was reading it correctly" ha! enjoy it girl, because this is one of the few times in your little life that you get to celebrate packing on the pounds each month. ;-)

you're starting to be more aware of your surroundings (when your big sisters aren't pressing their faces into yours). you love ceiling fans and save most of your smiles for them. libbi and laney love it when you smile at them and they fight over who you actually smiled at. ("She smiled at ME! ...no! she smiled at ME!!!") fun times. 

so far you are an easy going baby. you go with the flow and put up with a lot. your sisters love you SO much, but they sometimes forget that you are still a tiny, fragile, little baby. they just really want to play with you. i have to constantly keep an eye on you, because your sisters will swoop in and have you "playing" in no time. i swear it's like a moth to a flame. they just can't resist. and i'm going to apologize now, because there have been a few occasions that i've returned from the bathroom to find you in precarious situations. 

just remember, it's all out of love. ;) 

we love you so much little liza june and are so thankful you are ours! :) 

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