Thursday, October 3, 2013

a good start....

this is day three in the series "31 days of honest effort
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one of my favorite parts of the day is our drive to school in the mornings. monday through thursday, at the same spot every day  - about 5 minutes from their school - we take turns praying for the day ahead. the girls know where this "spot" is and if i ever forget, they're sure to remind me.  libbi likes to pray first (who am i kidding, libbi likes to do everything first!) and luckily, laney is great at being second. 

Libbi begins her prayer the same way each day, "Father, we thank you for this wonderful day...." and she always prays for "libbi to have a wonderful day school. and laney to have a wonderful day at school. and momma and liza to have a wonderful day at home. and daddy to have a wonderful day at work." 

she really likes "wonderful" ;-)

sometimes she prays for the sun to shine so they can go on the playground, other timesshe prays that she'll be able to have a turn on the swings. she often prays for laney not to cry at school. and if there are times we have appointments or someone is sick, she always includes a request for them, too. 

and when libbi is done, laney will pipe up with "my turn!" and she begins to pray. we usually catch about every other sentence as she tends to think a little faster than she talks. but i always hear a few "wonderful's" in her prayers and she will pray for each sister, momma, and daddy. laney likes to end her prayers with "in jesus' name i pray, amen" only it sounds a lot like "injesusnameipray....AAAAAAAAAAmen!"

hearing their little voices praying from the backseat is one the purest forms of worship i know. 

and i can't help but feel so thankful each day as i listen to my children pray for their school day, their families, and their friends. it warms my heart to know that they even though they don't have a full understanding of the love of our God, they know that He's a caring Father. they know they can bring their requests before Him and that He cares to listen. after each little girl has finished praying, it's my turn. no matter what kind of morning we've had - whether it was stressful or completely seamless, i can't help but offer a prayer of thankfulness for the privilege of being a momma to the three little blessings in my backseat. 
"But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me. Don’t stop them, because God’s kingdom belongs to people who are like these children.”
Matthew 19:14

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