Friday, November 22, 2013

five on friday...

TGIF! i'm linking up with the girls for five on friday once here goes a quick little rundown of five random things from this week: 

jeffrey was out of town last week and since he was gone for the weekend, we decided to pack up and head to mimzy and buddy's house. the girls were THRILLED to say the least. so excited, in fact, that laney woke up at 4:30 AM ready to play two days in a row..... and then proceeded to "crash" before naptime was in sight. she also found the markers (which she so proudly used as "yip-stick"). 
and then one morning i heard libbi laughing hysterically saying that laney was wearing "a shirt with boys on it!!!" i found laney wearing an old nsync challenge for the children tshirt. and if you don't know what challenge for the children is, then you obviously weren't a super fan like i was. or am. #JTforlife

libbi has been very into drawing lately. it's so much fun to see her start adding details and little creative touches to her pictures. she's very proud of her work and so are we! :) 

we went to the doctor today for liza's 4 month well visit (four month post coming soon!) and our well visit turned into a sick visit, because we found out she actually has RSV! i felt terrible since i had no clue. i guess that's what happens when you have such a happy, easy going baby. she has never fussed or anything. so i just thought she had a cough. turns out it was definitely more than a cough. poor baby is doing breathing treatments every four hours and we're praying it clears up sooner rather than later. 
the big girls also got flu shots while we were there (i'm obviously a glutton for punishment....three kids at the doctor at once. and shots all around - what was i thinking?!) 
libbi was drawing crayon outlines of liza on the paper from the exam table, liza was just laying out, and who knows what laney was picking up while sprawled out on the floor?! fun times for sure :) 

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sorry tippins girls, you're not eligible. :) 

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happy weekend, friends! :)

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