Thursday, November 28, 2013

give thanks...

Time... i am so thankful for the time that i have with my girls each day. not a day goes by that i'm not grateful for the blessing of being able to stay home with them. i am so thankful for jeffrey and the life he works so hard to provide for us. i will forever cherish the days at home i've had with them while they are little. 
Husband.... i am so thankful for jeffrey! he is not only my husband, but my very best friend. i am so thankful for the life we have together. i'm also thankful that he puts up with a houseful of drama and tears and mood swings and wild female emotions. i'm sure this is not what he imagined "being surrounded by women" to be like, but loves us just the same ;)

Acceptance.... i'm thankful that my family and friends love me for who i am. i am far from perfect, but they love me anyway. i'm thankful for a Perfect Savior that loves and accepts an imperfect person like me. 

New mercies.... can i get an amen? :) 
i am SO thankful for the promise of new mornings and new mercies each day. i mess up... a lot. and without the hope of forgiveness and the gift of second (and third and fourth) chances, i don't know where i'd be! 

Kindness.... i am thankful for the kindness of others. so often it's easy to overlook the simple acts of kindness shown to us each day..... a smile from a stranger, a store employee who gives my children stickers, strangers that hold open doors, and on and on. and of course, the kindness of those we know and love. without the help from our family and friends, we'd be lost! 

Family.... i am so thankful for my family! my parents, my brother and sister, in-laws, nieces, grandparents, and more! and i'm thankful for friends that are like family. i am so thankful for the many people that love us and love our babies and are always willing to help us out!

Unconditional love.... i am thankful for the unconditional love of my Savior Jesus Christ. i will never understand why He chose to die for my sins or how he can love someone as undeserving as i am, but i will be eternally grateful for His sacrifice and His unconditional love .

and of course, i'm thankful for the little "L's" in my life: Libbi, Laney, and Liza. 
i will never stop thanking God for the gift of motherhood and for the three precious lives He has placed in our care! these three girls bring me more laughter and joy (and wrinkles! ;-)) than i ever thought possible. they are my greatest blessing.

i'm thankful for all of you, too. thankful for all the friends near and far that take time to read and keep up with our little family through this blog. i hope you have a happy thanksgiving full of family, friends (and food!) that you love. 

Happy Thanksgiving!! 

"because He bends down to listen, i will pray as long as i have breath."
Psalm 116:2
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