Wednesday, December 18, 2013

christmas card 2013...

i know i say it every year, but i really do love opening my mailbox each day during the month of december and finding it full of christmas cards from family and friends. i don't know about y'all, but i save all the cards and it's so much fun to look back and see how each family has grown and changed over the years. i usually just bind the year's cards together with binder rings and put them with our "christmas stuff." my girls love looking through the cards and so do i! :) 

(side note: i need to find a new place to hold the cards. i use this christmas tree card holder, but i have it in a "high traffic" area so the big girls are constantly hitting it and knocking all the cards on the floor. and it's not unusual to find a few random dora and hello kitty coloring pages tucked in with the christmas cards, too.) 

i can't believe that this is the fourth year i've linked up with my sweet friend faith for her christmas card carousel. (faith's christmas card is GORGEOUS, by the way!) it's fun to see everyone's cards and to be able to share ours with everyone, too. i wish i could send everyone a card, but i guess this will have to suffice. 

i have to be honest, this year's card is not my favorite. i actually designed quite a few cards for others, but for some reason when it comes to designing my own.... i just draw a blank. maybe i'm too much of a perfectionist, but i just couldn't find anything that looked "right." so i decided to go simple. a classic brown gingham and red accents. you can't see from the image i'm uploading, but our actual cards are scalloped - which i thought added a nice touch. :)
here's the front: 

and the back: (with one of my absolute favorite verses!) 

we used our family picture from our fall mini session....which was a story in and of itself (cliffs notes: laney had a goose egg on her head and croup, and liza had the beginnings of RSV unbeknownst to us. although if you look at the picture, you're probably thinking laney looks miserable. but never fear - that's just the expression she has when we pay for pictures. if they're candid shots, she smiles like a champ. professional? stink face city). but it's still a sweet picture of our little family of five. everyone is looking in the same general vicinity, so that's nothing short of a christmas miracle if you ask me. 

is it sad that i think i was more excited about our return address labels than anything?! i know everyone just throws those away along with the envelope, but i couldn't help it. they were just TOO cute to pass up. :) maybe the USPS got a little smile seeing those three sweet faces smiling (or blankly staring) back at them. 

these three definitely keep me smiling! 

hope you enjoyed a glimpse of our christmas card...make sure to click over to faith's blog and see everyone else's. 

merry {almost} christmas!! :) 

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