Friday, December 20, 2013

five on fun and free printables....

happy friday, friends! only four more shopping days until christmas! i'll be one of those crazies out shopping at the last minute....hopefully i won't end up on the news for a random target fight or anything. ;) 

just a few fun little things to share today for my "five on friday".....

have y'all heard of the portable north pole? it is SO cute. you can sign up (for FREE!) and add your child's name, pictures, christmas list, etc. and santa sends them a special personalized video message. it is precious. the girls have loved watching their videos over and over. 

the big girls have loved looking at christmas lights this year. i made this fun little printable for them to use when we're out and about in the car looking at decorations and lights. you can download it HERE.

libbi and laney had their christmas program at school last night and it was nothing short of adorable. seriously. i could just cry every time i think about it. there is nothing sweeter than precious children singing about the true meaning of christmas. and they both quoted isaiah 9:6 - we were so proud! 

those dimples?! love them!!! 

one not so fun thing? our fridge decided to just quit working. bah humbug. i guess jeffrey and i won't have to stress about what to get each other for christmas now ;) 
it started smelling like it was burning yesterday. and last night as we left for the girls' christmas program i jokingly said, "sure hope the house doesn't burn down while we're gone..." libbi heard me and excitedly said, "if our house burns down and there's a fire, will you please take a picture of it and text it to mimzy so she can show me?!" (she was going home with my mom and dad after the program and apparently she didn't want to miss any of the action that may or may not happen at home.)
she also prayed aloud before we walked into the school and prayed that she "would not be nervous saying her bible verse and that momma would please take a picture of the fire at home." i have to say i'm really glad the Lord only answered ONE of those prayers ;-)

finally, here's another fun little printable inspired by my friend, jennifer! i gave these to the girls' preschool teachers along with some christmas soaps and a hand sanitizer (with a monogram, of course!).  you can never have too much soap....especially this time of year with all those nasty germs going around! i'm thinking of making these for our sunday school teachers and neighbors, too! 

you can download the FREE printable HERE (christmas) or HERE (holiday)
(there's a "holiday" version as well as a "christmas" version)

hope y'all have a happy weekend! 

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