Friday, December 6, 2013

five on friday....

i'm trying my hardest to get back into the swing of of these days i will get my act together. but for now, here's a quick little five on friday: 

liza had her recheck for her RSV and ear infections this week. i'm happy to say she's GROWING (big girl!) and she is officially on the mend. still not 100% but she's making improvements, so that's good news!! :)

the big girls went back to school this week. and i did my very best to get the christmas decorations put up while my "helpers" were MIA. unfortunately, i'm a slow worker. ha! so it's still in the process of being finished. the girls don't seem to mind, though. i'm pretty sure they're more excited about their daily piece of chocolate from their advent calendar than anything else. 

libbi is 100% convinced she needs more christmas jammies. laney has all of libbi's old ones plus a few of her own from last year that still fit, so she's stocked. libbi *only* has three pair, so she obviously feels neglected. and she makes sure to let me know every night just how tragic it is that she doesn't have christmas jammies to wear. 

libbi loves to pray and it's always so endearing to her her pray out loud and share what's in her little heart. she likes to pray that "everyone has a wonderful day" (she loves to use the word, "wonderful") and lately she's started closing with, "help our bodies, amen." at the end of every prayer. now, don't get me wrong, my body can totally use some "help" but it caught me off guard the first time she said it. after about the fifth or sixth time, i asked her where she had learned to pray, "help our bodies" and she said, "that's what buddy says." (buddy is my dad). my mom reminded me that my dad always prays, "bless this food to our bodies" in his blessing before meals. aka "help our bodies" ;-) ha!
libs also told me this week that she wanted to marry buddy, "unless he was already someone else's wise man." love her! 

we saw santa today! i'll write more about it in our santa and pink pig post, but for now - here's a little peek. ;-)

happy weekend, friends! 

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