Tuesday, December 10, 2013

santa and the pink pig...

it's been a crazy few weeks. i'm STILL trying to get my house completely decorated for christmas. it's slow going, y'all. between liza being sick with RSV and us being "homebound," jeffrey's crazy travel schedule, and just the normal hustle and bustle of the holidays, i feel like our lives have been nothing short of chaotic. but that's what keeps life interesting, right? ;-)

we had a small window of time last friday when everyone's schedule was free - no school, no sickness (hallelujah!), and jeffrey was in town! so we jumped on the chance to go visit santa and ride the famous pink pig. 

i wasn't too sure how the girls would do. actually, i wasn't too sure how laney would do. i new liza would be fine. and i was pretty sure libbi would be nervous, but i didn't think she'd cry. now laney... i was expecting the worst. (sorry, laylay!) especially since lately when we go to the mall, she'll say "i want to sit on "kiss-mass" lap" (she often calls santa, "kiss-mas") and then follow it up with "nah! i just trickin'!" and then avoid all eye contact with him as we walk by. needless to say, i was a little nervous FOR her. 

we filled out our christmas lists (for a free printable of this list, click HERE). libbi was set on filling out her own list and liza's, too. and y'all...she wants a "barbie house." need i remind you that we spent an arm and a leg on a heap of junk barbie princess castle last year?! one that basically fell apart as soon as we took it out of the box?! and yet, she wants another one this year.... since apparently the one she has is a "princess castle" and she wants a "barbie house." santa has some decisions to make ;) 
but maybe she won't be too heartbroken since the one thing she would "really love" is candy. - ha! 
she is a girl after my own heart. :)

when we arrived to see santa, laney decided she'd like to *stay* in the stroller. red flag #1. 
and it didn't help that there was a little bit of a line, so she had some time to mull over what was about to happen. but, when their turn came, they walked right up and surprised us all! libbi was so sweet as she so seriously went over her list with santa. and laney even talked to him a little bit. she was hesitant, but she did a great job! and liza - well, she was just happy to have someone hold her. ;)

and i know he gets paid the big bucks to be santa, but he is seriously so nice. even though there was a line, he took the time to talk to each girl, hug them, and he never once rushed them. he was truly a jolly old soul! ;-)

after our visit, we went upstairs to ride the pink pig. in year's past, we've been bundled up, but not this year. it was 70+ degrees outside and we were all sweating. especially me as i tried to herd our wild animals children while we waited in line for daddy to get tickets. waiting is not their strong suit. the only thing that kept them in line was knowing that priscilla the pig was right around the corner. they were 100 times more afraid of priscilla than of santa! 

liza and i sat this ride out since she's not quite able to sit up on her own just yet and you can't hold babies in your lap while on the pink pig. i think libbi was thrilled. she thought she was big stuff being able to ride by herself. so cool that she couldn't even be bothered to look at me for a picture -ha! 

and i don't know why, but there's just something about the official pink pig sign that brings out the "joy" in our girls ;) 

it was a fun day and the girls loved it and so did we. it's always an experience going downtown to see santa and ride the pink pig, but we have always come away with wonderful memories.

sweet libbi....always clasping those hands when she's nervous. :)

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