Friday, January 3, 2014

five on friday...

it's time for the first "five on friday" of the year.... and i'm sorry to say - it's not really anything groundbreaking. just a typical random post! but here goes nothing, 
five on friday 2014 style ;)

my goal for this weekend is to get our lives back to normal. {whatever that is}
things have been so wild since christmas. i actually hurt my back on christmas eve and have been out of commission since. i'm pretty sure i'd rather birth another baby than have back pain. since i haven't been able to move (literally!) that also means i haven't been able to clean up all the aftermath from christmas. and we've been homebound. since we've been stuck at home, the mess just keeps getting worse, and worse, and worse....if my back didn't hurt, i'm sure my head would. ;)

i feel like my vocabulary has consisted of a few select phrases the past two weeks. they have become the soundtrack of my day, playing constantly on "repeat"
"share with your sister."
"who had it first?"
"just leave her alone."
"get off the baby."
"be kind."
"be kind."
"be kind."
"you JUST ate!"
haha! does anyone else feel like this?! ;)
my girls love each other, but they fight just as hard as they love. and with the excitement of christmas, different schedules, no school, grandparents, cousins, and everything in between - they have been a little "overstimulated" lately. we all need a good detox this weekend.

i'm not really sure why our girls got any clothes for christmas. they've either been in jammies or dress up clothes every day since. both laney and libbi change clothes a million times a day. we have tried to institute a "one wardrobe change a day" rule because the laundry quickly gets out of control, but they somehow always find a way around it. libbi is very particular about her outfits, while laney couldn't care less. she will wear anything and everything. lately she's wanted to be "prince charming" which means i wrap a blanket around her like a towel. i'm not sure where that came from. tonight she kept telling me she wanted to be "beautiful, beautiful like God" and i think she meant an angel? again, i'm not sure. but she wanted Liza's blanket draped over hear head like a shawl. who knows???? but it's often in my best interest to just go with it. ;)

libbi has taken to calling laney, "lane-ster" and it cracks me up. every time.
she'll say, "c'mon lane-ster! let's go play" and of course lane-ster calls libbi, "yibs."
lane-ster and yibs are quite the dynamic duo (aka double trouble) these days. and laney still likes to call me, "momma pig" (thanks to peppa) and jeffrey is "daddy pig" so naturally we now add "pig" to the end of their names - ha! if anyone were to hear us, i want to explain that it's because of peppa pig and the pig family - we are definitely NOT calling each other pigs -ha!

little liza pig is just the happiest little baby. she doesn't even hold it against me that i STILL haven't posted her 4 and 5 months posts - even though she's about to be 6 months! what?! time is flying by, isn't it?!

hope y'all have a great weekend!

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