Monday, January 6, 2014


brrrrr! it's been a cold day here and it's only supposed to get colder! i heard on the news this morning that it was colder in atlanta today than in anchorage, alaska. that's COLD! and us southerners just aren't prepared for this kind of frigid cold. most of our schools have been cancelled for tomorrow due to the freezing temperatures. our schools and buses are just not equipped with proper heating to keep all the children warm - seriously! and sadly, there are probably many children that do not have jackets, gloves, hats, etc. to keep them covered from the cold while at the bus stop. so personally, i'm glad school has been cancelled. i may feel differently if i had older children or had to be at work tomorrow, but i'm not the least bit disappointed that my girls are going to be home again instead of going back to school. unfortunately, i don't think they feel the same way - ha! i'm pretty sure they're going a little stir crazy and are ready to ;-)

we did get out for a bit this morning, liza was photographed for a lemon loves lime shoot. of course, she was a real piece of work. very demanding and bossy. she couldn't even be bothered to sit up most of the time...just laid around and looked cute. what a diva. ;-) she obviously has the body of a top model. #noshameinhergame 

when we got back home, we basically stayed inside and tried to stay warm. does anyone else have to remind your children to put clothes on? it's like mine de-robe as soon as they walk in the door. completely. actually, libbi usually makes her wardrobe change in the bathroom. i find a trail of clothes after she's used the potty....pants in the bathroom floor, socks not far behind, and shirt down the hall. i'm glad they're relaxed and comfortable at home, but when it's this cold, they need clothes! (even in the house!) :)
 laney is convinced that cold weather means two things: 1. christmas and 2. snow angels (thanks to a repeated and i mean, repeated, viewing of max and ruby's christmas). so she's been pretty disappointed that neither of those came about today. she had big plans for "deck-rations" and "snow angels" today. bless her. 

libbi's newest phrase is "extra large." it's her way of describing something that is in excess. for instance, today was "really, really, extra-large cold outside." or when she's playing with laney she'll say, "lanester, you are really, extra-large wrong about that!" (she always adds in the "reallys" for extra emphasis. just in case the "extra-large" doesn't get her point across).
it's a cute little phrase that reminds me she's still a little girl, even though she seems so grown up these days!

other than that, there's been lots of playing (peppa and george are still quite popular at our house), a little bit of fighting, no napping (except for liza - lucky duck!), and some quality sister time. tomorrow is promising to be another cold day with lots of sisterly bonding! 

hope y'all stay warm! happy monday!! 
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