Friday, January 10, 2014

five on friday....

it's time for five on friday again. a quick list of five random things that have been going on in the tippins house as of late. most of these are things that have made me laugh this week. it's been a long week, and it's always nice to laugh. :) 

it seems as though i maybe should have made blogging more consistently one of my new year's resolutions. but, y'all! i can barely even keep up with what day it is. i am SUCH a creature of habit and these holidays in the middle of the week have really put a kink in my routine. between christmas, new year's, and now school days being cancelled due to the weather. i am so confused about what day it is. and i'm ready for our "normal" routine to start back. anyone else feel this way? 

when both girls went back to school this week, they had a visit from a local police officer. he came to talk to the classes and teach them about safety and the importance of wearing seatbelts, etc. the girls were very impressed. laney more so with the stickers he gave out than the information he shared, but whatever. i asked libbi if the officer had discussed what to do if you were in a dangerous situation and she said, "yes." i was thinking that he may have talked about calling "911" with the four year old classes, so i asked, "did y'all talk about calling for help?" and again she said, "yes." 
i was preparing myself to be impressed when she explained how to dial 911 in case of an emergency, so i said, "how do you call for help?" and she very seriously replied, "HHHEEEEEEEELLLLLLPPP!!!!!" at the top of her lungs. well played, libbi. well played. 

i lose my phone at least 50 times a day. for some reason, i never remember to turn it off of "silent" so i never hear it ring. the problem is, then i forget where i put it and no one can call me to help find it, because - duh - we can't hear it! i'm pretty sure one of jeffrey's biggest pet peeves is that i never know where my phone is and that it's always on silent. oops. 

the girls and i are going to see "frozen" tomorrow. i think i'm more excited than they are. i've been dying to see it! i've tried to take them a few times already, but libbi is adamant that she "doesn't like movie theaters." she says they're too loud and too dark. which is probably true. she is sensitive to loud noises and can get overwhelmed easily, but i know that she'd be fine once she got there. since her cousin blakeley is going to be there tomorrow, too. libbi has now decided that she can brave the theater. as long as she can sit by blakeley. and have popcorn. and m&m's. (and she asked me before bed tonight if she could drink coke, too. ha! i said, "you don't even like coke!" and she said, "i know. it's gross. but that's what people drink at the movies. i wish i liked coke.") she also asked if the lights would go off and the curtain would come up when it was time for the movie and someone would say, "introducingggg, FROZEN!" 
hope she's not too disappointed with our popcorn, water, and stadium seating. ;) 

i've saved the best for last. and y'all may not think this is funny at all, but it cracks me up. i can't stand it. it just makes me laugh every single time i watch it. there's an app for the iPad called "doodlecast" and it's really cute. it gives writing prompts and then records your child's voice and drawings as they finish the prompt to tell the story. things like, "what is your favorite toy?" or "who is wearing the boots?" 
libbi really loves this app and it's fun to see her use her imagination and start to make up stories and illustrations. laney loves it too, but she just likes filling the screen with scribbles. i have to go in periodically and delete the stories she's made because it's literally 30 short stories that are filled with nothing but red screens and laney's heavy breathing. ha!

anyway, today i was deleting some of laney's "stories" and i came across a few that the girls had done together (unbeknownst to me). i have watched them and laughed and laughed. this was one of my favorites. but a few points first - 
-you can't blame the girls for their answer - they were basically set up. ;)
-we've had many a conversation about "bathroom words" and how it's not appropriate to use them in certain situations. laney likes to just throw out all the words she knows in a string of potty humor and the girls think it's hilarious. 
-they failed to remember that their "potty story" was being recorded for posterity. the internet never dies, ladies. 

enjoy, friends! :) 

happy friday! 

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