Saturday, January 18, 2014

insta-catch up....

i can't believe it's been a week since i last blogged. i think this may be a record for me. ;-)
truthfully, it's just been a busy week. jeffrey was traveling all week. the girls had school. laney was sick. my papa flew in from texas to visit. my back is still bothering me. and so at the end of the day, when i normally sit down to write - i just wanted to go to bed. 

but, i did manage to capture a few pictures of our every day activities. nothing too exciting - just life. ;)
i made a goal for myself to take a picture a day for the entire year. my plan is to create a book out of them at the end of 2014 to have as a keepsake. we're only 18 days into the year, but so far - so good. 

even though i haven't been blogging this week, i've still been taking pictures. i thought i would do a quick catch up post, an "insta-catch up" if you will. although if you follow me on instagram, i'm afraid these pictures will be nothing new for you. otherwise, here is our past couple of weeks in a nutshell....

 1.6.14 - no one can make liza laugh like her sisters can. she cracks up at those girls. 

1.7.14 - it was a loooooong day stuck inside. too cold to get out. school was cancelled.

1.8.14 - libbi went back to school and back to ballet.

1.9.14 - both girls went back to school. libbi had the audacity to try to hold laney's hand for the picture. #rude
1.10.14 - we went to see frozen! SO cute. we all loved it. even liza :)

1.11.14 - liza loves playing in the walker at buddy and mimzy's house. laney kept yelling, "YIZA CAN WALK NOW!! YIZA CAN WALK!" even though liza wasn't moving. (unless laney was pushing her)

1.12.14 - the girls LOVE being outside. they could play outside all day. believe me, they don't get their love of the outdoors from their momma. 

1.13.14 - libbi left a message for papa joe on the chalkboard at mimzy and buddy's house. she wanted him to see the "welcome" sign when he arrived from texas!
 1.14.14 - liza is so happy to be in all her "big girl" toys now. 

1.15.14 - libbi is very into writing (and chalkboards) these days. she wrote the entire alphabet by herself! although her lowercase s resembles billy madison's cursive z. ;-)

1.15.14 - love three freshly bathed babies! 
1.15.14 - another after bath picture (or five). laney is usually the wild woman....

1.16.14 - libbi and laney were excited to go to school. liza....not so much. ;)

1.16.14 - liza LOVES waiting for her big sisters in the carpool line. maybe it's because she gets to sit up front with me while we wait. 

1.16.14 - papa joe is here from texas! 

1.16.14 - the girls had a wonderful time visiting with papa joe

1.17.14 - apparently liza needed a little more sleep. she was up for the day and then promptly passed back out after breakfast. 

1.17.14 - poor laney has another nasty case of croup. the number one way to tell when laney is not feeling well: she's still. 

1.17.14 - since jeffrey was out of town, the big girls had a slumber party in my bed! this was how the night started....
1.17.14 - this was libbi halfway through the night....

1.17.14 - and this was laney. (in case you can't tell, she is sideways and upside down in the bed. asleep.
she can make a king size bed feel like a twin. 

1.18.14 - happy half birthday liza june! can't believe it has been six months since we first laid on eyes on our sweet little baby (who is not so "little" any more!) 

hoping to be back to regular blogging next week. thanks for sticking with me, friends! :) 
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