Friday, January 24, 2014

five on friday...

happy friday, friends! hope y'all have had a great week! i'm linking up with darcy and the girls for another edition of "five on friday"....
let's get started, shall we? :) 

pretty sure i failed at my goal to blog more this week. see also: this is my first post since sunday. oops.
one of these days i'll catch up. maybe. someone please tell me i won't feel like i'm going in a million different directions for the next 18 years?? and if you can't honestly tell me that, then lie to me. i'm okay with it. ;-)

it's been cold here so some mornings when i take the girls to school i throw on one of jeffrey's old fleece jackets to keep warm. this particular jacket has fairly deep pockets and apparently i am a hoarder of all the little things. it seems as though i can't wear a jacket that has pockets without turning into a five year old boy that collects every little thing. i had to wash the jacket yesterday (thanks to liza and an unfortunate diaper incident) and i was almost embarrassed to see all the items i had collected in my pockets. but obviously not too embarrassed to take a picture of it. ;)

speaking of dropping the girls off at school, we've been more than a little rushed getting out the door lately. admittedly, it's not always my fault (i'm looking at you six-month-old with the blowouts, two-year old with the tantrums, and four year old with the meltdowns)....
before i had kids (and obviously knew everything about raising them-haha) i swore i would never be one of "those moms" that takes her kids to school while still in her pajamas. i would never do the "drive of shame" through the carpool line with no makeup, mismatched clothes, and *gasp* slippers. i would think, "why in the world can't those mom's get ready before they bring their kids to school? i mean it is 9:00! it's not like it's the crack of dawn...." 
times they are a changin'. 
and i have been eating my fair share of humble pie. for breakfast. in the car. while i drive my girls to school at 9:00 in my (mismatched) jammies, no make-up, and day (or two) old hair. oh, time and perspective are funny things, aren't they? and now, when i see "those moms" also known as "my kind" i definitely don't judge them. in fact, i'd probably give them a good old fist bump. and i'd also ask them if teachers, drive thru attendants, cashiers, etc. ALWAYS seem to want to talk to them on the mornigs they aren't *ahem* "at their best" since it happens to me. every.single.time

we've been using our giftcards that we got for christmas (and by "we" i actually mean "i"....jeffrey is a perpetual giftcard hoarder. i, on the otherhand, can't spend them fast enough). jeffrey laughs at me, because i will literally spend every single penny of the giftcard. do y'all do this? or is it just me? 
he's the kind that will leave 15¢ on the card and just throw it away. or if it's a $20 card and he spends $19.57, he'll consider it to have served it's purpose. not me. i spend every last penny. i have no shame in going to chickfila and handing them a giftcard with exactly 12¢ on it. none whatsoever. in fact, i did it this week. ;)

laney had her ENT appointment this week and i couldn't help getting crazy emotional about how much she has grown since her last ENT appointment. she went back in july which feels like yesterday and forever ago all at once. she has grown so much since then! now if only her hair would catch up with the rest of her ;-) just kidding - she gets it honest. my hair was the exact same way when i was her age. and don't even get     started on how much baby liza has changed in six months! at laney's first appointment, liza was about a week and a half away from gracing us with her presence. and this appointment? she was in the room giggling and cooing away. i swear i will blink again and they'll be driving ME to my doctor's appointments. and for the record, laney is SO me. not only do we look *a little bit* alike ;) but she also has my love of doctors. (sarcasm noted). let's just say that liza's flu shot was 100000 times easier and less painful than laney's routine ENT visit. you would have thought they were peeling her toenails off when they looked in her ears. it was bad. but all was forgiven when the doctor gave her a piece of candy after the appointment. (no idea where she gets that sweet tooth from). 

and that wraps up one of my most random five on friday's ever. 
hope y'all have a great weekend. and i promise that come monday i have a fun valentine's day giveaway coming up! TGIF, friends! 
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