Wednesday, January 29, 2014

snowpocalypse 2014

monday it was 57 degrees. snowed. welcome to georgia weather. 

i have to be honest and say that i never really believe the weathermen when they start talking about snow. when i was teaching, i believed. every.single.time. and i was disappointed. every. single. time. 
i think it had a lot more to do with being able to sleep in and have a leisurely day at home. i was always hopeful that maybe, just maybe i'd wake up and hear the "school's cancelled" memo and be able to go back to bed. now that i'm no longer teaching and also no longer have the option of sleeping in or vegging out all day - i'm not as hopeful for the snow days ;) 

but, lo and behold. the weatherman was right! who woulda thunk it? (apparently not the state of georgia)

the snow started around 1pm as we headed to pick up laney from school (libbi had stayed home). and by the time we made it the 15 minutes back to our house it was already starting to stick. 

there's no better way to spot a southerner than by checking out their "snow gear" (or lack of). we were not really prepared for any kind of snow, so we had to make do with what we had. i told the girls to go upstairs and get their socks/boots/jackets so we could out and play for a bit. 

i was quite surprised when libbi came downstairs with hello kitty socks on her hands as her mittens. and even more so when laney showed up with the "bitty baby's" diapers on her hands as her "gubs" - ha!
i said, "laney - what are you wearing?!" and she laughed as she said, "they're panty gubs!" such a silly girl. 

we made a quick trip outside to see the snow and snap a few pics. once they decided that they actually liked it (much to my complete and utter surprise! and despite what the above picture looks like, they really DID like it!) we came back in for a few more layers. we didn't have a pair of gloves or mittens in the house. what can i say, we weren't prepared either - ha!

and even though the girls disagreed, i knew that the hello kitty socks and bitty baby diapers just weren't going to cut it.  so i went into the attic to find our "ski clothes" and gave the girls each a pair of jeffrey's ski gloves. laney was none to pleased, but she went along with it anyway. so when you see the "man hands" in all of our pictures, just know that they're due to the man gloves they're each wearing. 
hey, something is better than nothing, right? :) 

we went outside and played and played. i think they would have stayed out forever if they could. and liza was the perfect little sister and just napped the entire time we were outside. 
we had a wonderful time, but unfortunately, it wasn't so wonderful for many people in our area. there were so many that were stranded on the roads, at work, and sadly, even children and babies stuck at school and daycare because of the icy conditions of the roads. the roads were literally shut down due to being covered in ice and just completely unsafe. it breaks my heart to think of the children stuck on school buses for hours trying to get home. or the poor little ones that had to spend the night at school. thankfully, it was a warm safe place and they were surrounded by teachers who loved them, but it still breaks my momma heart thinking about how i would feel if MY babies were away from me. there was even one woman who gave birth IN THE CAR while stuck on the interstate. seriously!

not only that, but all the poor souls stuck in their cars for hours upon hours. my facebook feed was full of friends that had been sitting in their cars for 5+ hours. and the news reported of people being stuck overnight, running out of gas, etc. how awful would that be to be stuck in your car WITH children?! i keep thinking of the time we were in a traffic jam on the way to the beach this summer. liza was fussing, the girls were restless and jeffrey and i were losing our sanity. it felt like an eternity, but in reality, it lasted about 30 minutes. i seriously can NOT even imagine what it would be like to be in gridlocked traffic for seven hours with our babies in the car. God bless all of those that had to go through it and all of the thousands, yes THOUSANDS, that are still stranded this morning....

jeffrey finally made it home from work close to 9:45 last night and we were SO thankful to see him!! well, i was - the girls would have been, too but they were fast asleep ;) he had actually tried to find a hotel to stay the night in, but everything in the atlanta area was completely booked. so he had to start making the trek home. 

while we loved the fresh blanket of snow and the fun that it brought to us, we are incredibly thankful that we were safe in our warm home and able to enjoy it together. i'm praying for all those that did not have the same experience. 
stay warm, friends!

in case you're interested, here are some links to some of the pictures/videos with footage from yesterday and today....

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