Friday, February 28, 2014

five on friday and a few confessions….

today's five on friday is full of randomness and a few confessions as well. it's friday, so why not? :) 

sometimes at night if i can't sleep, i'll scroll through my phone. okay - that's not entirely 100% truth. pretty much every night i lie in bed and scroll through my phone - ha!  but more often than not, i start getting sleepy while surfing the interwebs. i guess when my eyelids start getting heavy, so do my fingers and i start saving pictures. (you know if you press down long enough on a picture it gives you the option to "Save it") and it never fails that i wake up the next morning with a few random pictures saved in my photo albums! i've had random pictures of people from their Facebook pages (how's that for creeper status?!), items of clothing, housewares, even snapshots of the real housewives of atlanta. bizarre, i know. but that's what i get for playing on the internet instead of sleeping. ;) 
 a few of my random pictures…apparently i was searching for rugs at ballard designs…. ha! 

libbi and laney have a newfound love of the show, "max and ruby." it works out nicely for me since it comes on TV right about the time i start cooking supper. they're occupied which means i'm able to finish cooking in peace and without having to referee. :) 
honestly, i'm not so much a fan of the show. ruby is a little too sassy for my liking and max rarely speaks in complete sentences (which my girls love to imitate… "candy"…. "thirsty!"…. "annoying!" oh, wait. that last one might not be max…) if you've ever seen the show you know that max and ruby are left unattended for a large portion of the day. their grandma shows up every now and then, but there are no parents in sight. i asked libbi the other day, "where are max and ruby's momma and daddy?!" and she very matter-of-factly replied, "i think that they are probably in heaven. they're not at max and ruby's house, so i think they have died and gone to heaven." 
okay, then. not the answer i was expecting. but i guess anything is possible. ;) 

i get sucked into the dumbest shows. i have no idea why. teen mom, real housewives of…everything, the challenge, if it's a reality show and it's cheesy then i probably watch it.  maybe it's because it's just mindless tv that i don't have to think about. most of the other shows that i watch are dramas or crime shows, so i have to be in the right frame of mind (aka not home alone) to watch them. when jeffrey is traveling or working late, i can't watch them. i'm too much of a chicken. so instead i watch all of the non-threatening (unless you count the violent housewives) reality shows instead. perhaps i should be more ashamed than i am that i'm a 31 year old mother of three watching a show about former teen moms that have been in rehab, prison, and everything in between, but somehow as i'm talking aloud to them while watching their antics, i feel like we're having our own personal counseling sessions. so in a way, it's therapeutic. 

my girls change clothes constantly. i have no idea why changing from one outfit to the next is such a fun thing to do, but they sure seem to enjoy it. although both libbi and laney like to change outfits throughout the day, they couldn't be more different in their wardrobe choices. laney wants to wear many different combinations of pajamas while libbi prefers dresses and skirts. the other day i let them wear their outfits of choice to the store. i'm sure we looked like a very motley crew. laney was wearing a pajama shirt and leggings. libbi had on mismatched clothes and was sporting a ponytail (which is not an easy thing to do with a "bob" haircut) as well as a headband. liza was in full blown jammies. and it was two o'clock in the afternoon. i don't even know who i am anymore. 

speaking of not knowing who i am….
i have signed up for bootcamp. we start tomorrow at 8 am. it will no doubt be a shock to this old and out of shape body. so if you don't hear from me by monday, just know that i may or may not be in an exercise induced coma. 

and based on the pictures i've posted today (which are only a small snapshot into our week), let's all take a moment to say a prayer for jeffrey. he's surrounded by LOTS of emotions and LOTS of drama. 
all day. 
every day. 
bless him. :) 

happy friday, friends! :) 

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