Thursday, February 20, 2014


liza june, you are SEVEN months old! and apparently i'm in denial since i haven't done a monthly update for you since you were a mere four months old. oops. in my defense, i HAVE taken pictures of you each month and i HAVE documented your stats, i just haven't posted them. but i will catch up and i promise it will be before your first birthday. (which will be here before i know it!) wahhhh! ;-(

so here's a little bit about you on your seventh month….

you LOVE your sisters. so much. they can make you laugh harder and more often than any one else. your daddy and i have gotten little giggles and chuckles out of you  - mostly courtesy laughs ;)
but libbi and laney can get you rolling with belly laughter. and we love it. and not only do you love your sisters, but they love you! it's been seven months and they still fight constantly over who gets to talk/look/smell/watch/think about you. ;)

probably the biggest change for you this month is that you finally moved to your own room! we moved laney in with libs and you have taken over the nursery. and you really transitioned like a dream. the most difficult part of it was when i had to quit swaddling you. you absolutely LOVED the swaddle. i really think you would have let me swaddle you until you were five. you just love being all snug and cuddled up. you had a few nights where you pulled a "ricky bobby" and didn't quite know what to do with your hands, but once you rolled over onto your tummy you were out. and slept THROUGH THE NIGHT (thank you, Jesus!) now please tell laney how wonderful it is to sleep all night long IN YOUR OWN BED. ;)

you are the rolly polly-est thing i ever did see. and we love every inch of you. i didn't realize how much bigger you were than libbi and laney at this age until i happened to find laney's NINE month well visit chart. and she weighed LESS than you did at your six month visit. ha! eating is definitely your strong suit. you've come a long way my little preemie ;)

you have two little teeth that are alllllmost through the gums. any day now i'm sure we'll be looking at a toothy smile.

liza girl, you really are the sweetest, easiest, most precious baby. i am so thankful for your gentle spirit and sweet disposition. you go with the flow, nap anywhere, eat when you're hungry, sleep when you're tired, and smile all the time. we love you so much!
and because i love a good comparison picture…

happy seven months little liza june!

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