Sunday, February 9, 2014


since i've started 2014 off with being behind on blogging, i figured i might as well keep it up for one more week. so once again, for my own memory's sake - here is an "insta" catch up of the past seven days since i didn't blog a single day last week.

1. we started out the month of february with writing love letters each night. i'll post more on this later. but the girls LOVE it. and so do we ;) 

2. liza is a full time independent sitter now. it's a wonder she hasn't been sitting up on her own for a while since she has such a sturdy foundation. ha! she is the definition of "fat and happy" and we couldn't love her more. 

3. laney stayed home from school on thursday and missed out on pajama and pancake day. she had some kind of weird fever virus…she ran a fever for three days and was puny and horribly whiny, but other than that no other symptoms. i knew something was up when she slept until 8am wednesday morning AND napped that afternoon. laney never sleeps. ever. unless she's sick.

4. liza is not only sitting, but she's starting to "scoot" around, too. and just like that, my life gets a whole lot busier. ;) 

5. laney dressed herself for school on tuesday. and then i had to email her teachers and explain her outfit. she is such a stinker! 

6-8. jeffrey was out of town this week and i sent him these pictures wednesday night. i believe the text read, "boom." all three girls in bed and asleep. 
and then i lived to eat my words as all three girls were up at different intervals through out the night. 

9. liza and i had some quality time together saturday night since the big girls went out with jeffrey. 

10. jeffrey took libbi and laney to the daddy daughter date night at chickfila. they had such a fun time. libbi and i went to the mall earlier in the day and she picked out a new dress to wear. she felt very fancy. while we were driving home, i told her that one day (a LONG LONG time from now) she might go out on a date with a boy besides daddy. and that if he doesn't treat her kindly and is not a gentleman then she shouldn't go out with him again. and she said, "but momma, i can always give him a second chance! and then if he's not nice, i won't go on a date with him again." ha! i guess she's right. everyone deserves second chances. :) love her and her sweet little heart. 

after their chickfila date, jeffrey took the girls to build-a-bear. they had fun picking out their stuffed animals and were happy and exhausted when they got home. i'd say date night was a success. :) 

hope y'all had a great weekend. and here's to hoping i can get back in the swing of things this week! :) 

*the winner of the giveaway was chosen using and if you were the winner (lisa) you should have received an email (and a placemat!) from me by now. thank you to everyone that entered! :) 

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