Tuesday, February 11, 2014

laney's layers….

oh, that laylay. she is such a spunky little thing. she keeps up laughing all day, every day. to know laney is to love laney. her personality is just as big as her vocabulary and she literally talks all day long (even in her sleep - i'm not kidding!) 
lately, she's been very into dressing herself. she takes great pride in picking out her own clothes and being miss independent. she loves to say, "i'm the best helper…EVER!" but lest you think she's boastful, she's also quick to compliment others, too. ;) 
she never fails to tell me, "momma, you're a good helper!" whenever i do something for her. 
such a sweet soul. 

although i am proud of her for being able to pick out her own clothes and get dressed all by herself, i can't say that her outfit choices always (or ever) align with what i have in mind or with what i've actually set out for her to wear.

it's safe to say that laney likes layers. 
she's a cross between shrek ("ogres are like onions. Onions have layers. Ogres have layers. Onions have layers. You get it? We both have layers.")
and joey tribbiani ("look at me, i'm chandler. could i BE wearing any more clothes?!")

the other day when she came home from school, she laid down on my bed to "rest" (haha) and i noticed a red ruffle peeking out from under her black pants. come to find out, she had worn TWO pair of pants to school that day. i had laid out her clothes for her that morning (red sweater and black pants) and she took it upon herself to add another layer to the ensemble. when she came downstairs fully dressed, i never thought to look UNDER her clothes for another outfit. now i know.
(That would be red ruffled zebra pants under her black pants)
laney LOVES going through the drawers in her room and picking out clothes, especially when libbi is not around to help (aka tattle on) her. one day last week, she stayed home from school sick so she had free reign over all their clothes. i was feeding liza and laney was upstairs (of course) just "gettin' sum-pin". uh-huh. 
she came downstairs in this get-up. a fleece gown atop her pajamas, socks as gloves, 
and when i went to change her diaper, she had on not one, not two, but THREE pairs of pants. i could not stop laughing. it's a wonder she doesn't have a heat stroke in all those clothes! 

here are few of laney's layered outfits….

even when she dresses up, she likes to layer :)

jasmine top, belle skirt, one cinderella shoe, one aurora shoe, and a veil.
pajama pants, one shirt, gown, and another shirt on top of that. 

99.9% of the time, her clothes are on backwards.

and i can't forget the socks as "glubs"

snow white top over sofia's dress, paired with belle's shoes, and of course, a knit hat and a few other accessories. 
this would be her belle dress atop an old tutu. with a matilda jane mesh bag as a hat. 
hard to see here, but she's wearing her old pajama shirt and libbi's ballet tights (inside out).
oh laney girl, we sure do love you and all your outfits. now if i could just teach you how to do laundry….

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