Wednesday, March 26, 2014

you call that running?!

the girls had their fun run at school today. it was a fundraiser to help raise money for new playground equipment at their school. they ran around a makeshift "track" - kind of like a modern day "walk-a-thon" - do y'all remember those? the only thing i remember about the walk-a-thon is my teacher trying to encourage us to "KEEP WALKING!!!" and "PICK UP THE PACE!" while my friends and i leisurely walked around the track just socializing. the rest of our classmates completed upwards of 20 laps, we maaaaaay have completed 2-3 laps, tops. but we sure did catch up on all the latest and greatest. ;-)

anyway, back to the fun run….
the girls were pumped to run and had such a fun time. they earned medals after they completed their run (laney ran 10 laps and libbi ran 15 - they both met their goal!) i was a little leery about libbi participating since this was her first day back at school after battling the stomach bug (FOR FIVE DAYS!!!!) but she did great! she's obviously MUCH tougher than her momma. :)

it's always funny to me how differently the girls react to unfamiliar situations - from their general demeanor right down to their wardrobe choices. 

laney got dressed this morning without a fight. in fact, she spilled chocolate milk on her shirt and didn't even bother to change. 
libbi was incredibly distraught over having to wear pants and "running shoes." she cried and moped around all morning because she couldn't wear a skirt. 

laney wasn't too sure if she wanted to participate in the run, but was positive she wanted me there. 
libbi insisted that i didn't have to come - and kept telling me, "you don't have to come. i don't mind…"

laney was a little timid at first, but soon caught on to the idea of the event and was running like the wind. 
libbi followed every rule and when the DJ said "run," she ran. and she didn't stop. 

laney smiled from ear to ear each time she spotted me when she rounded the corner. 
libbi pretended she didn't know me. ha! really, she just cut her eyes over at me once (to acknowledge my presence) and then she continued running. 

i love those girls and their unique personalities! 

and just for fun, here's a short video of laney running during the fun run this morning. i have a video of libbi, too….but she just basically tries to avoid making eye contact with me so the video makes it seem like i'm trying to creep on some random kid instead of my own child. 

i can't help but laugh every time i see the clip of laney, because it makes me think of phoebe buffay from friends. do y'all remember this episode? 

here's laney with her own phoebe run ;-)

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