Tuesday, April 22, 2014

easter at mawmaw's….

we celebrated easter at mawmaw's house a little early this year. we decided to have the great egg hunt the week before easter this year since not everyone could be there ON easter sunday.

i'd say it was a success :) 

the girls were pumped  - they're up for anything that involves candy. 

although, they weren't too thrilled about the start time. sorry, girls ;) 

libbi is our competitive one. which is kind of surprising to me since she is typically shy around others. but give her a game or a race and she is all about it. i can't tell you how many times a day i say, "there is NO winner!!" or "it's NOT a race!" because these girls will make a competition out of anything. i'm pretty sure libbi started to race buddy even though he wasn't even part of the egg hunt. i'm not positive, but i think i heard her say, "move it or lose it!" as she breezed past him….

laney, on the other hand, was way too preoccupied with the bugs that could possibly be flying around her at any moment. sister does NOT like creepy crawly things of any kind. she was on high alert the entire time.

she needed a few smarties to help her relax. 

we tried to take a group picture after the egg hunt was over, but that was probably not the best idea. forcing kids with baskets full of candy to sit down and have their picture made -  i think it was more like torture. (liza agreed. or maybe she was just upset she couldn't have any of the candy). can't you tell the big girls are thrilled, too?! chalk this up to a mean momma moment. all in the spirit of easter. ha!

i love these pictures, because you can see sweet libbi comforting liza. she can be the best big sister. 

she gave liza an egg to hold onto and all was right with the world again. 

isn't it amazing how much can change in just a few short years?! 
this is from the egg hunt at mawmaw's house in 2012: 
and here we are in 2014. 
we've been busy ;-)
(and laney is still more interested in what's on the ground. some things never change).

the girls with mimzy and buddy:

such a fun day with so many fun memories made! 

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