Sunday, April 13, 2014


things have been crazy around here lately. I'VE been crazy around here lately. ;) 
and the blog has taken a bit of a back seat. i hate that because it really is my way of "scrapbooking" our lives. but then i fall behind and life happens and i find myself debating back and forth on whether or not i should post everything i want to post that i've forgotten to post but want to remember to post. see what i mean? cuh-ray-zee. i've decided that for now i'll play catch-up as best as i can without going too far back. and i'll fill in the blanks when i have time (and hopefully before i forget….again). ;)

probably one of the BIGGEST reasons i have been MIA is because i have been wrapped in a fully sanitized, completely sterile bubble. i'm kidding. although i wish i wasn't. ha! 
poor liza came down with that awful, awful stomach bug. it kicked her little tail. in less than 12 hours she was so sick that she became severely dehydrated. we went to the ER to see if we could get her some relief. they ended up transferring her via ambulance to the children's hospital. while it was scary and definitely NOT what we wanted, we knew that she would be okay and there was comfort in that. after a (sleepless) night in the hospital, a (loooong) day of monitoring, lots of IV fluids and some handy dandy zofran (thank you, Jesus for zofran!) we were back home. she's still not 100%, but she is definitely on the mend and for that we are so thankful! 

 this week also happened to be the girls' spring break. we got wild and crazy, y'all. except we didn't. we had big plans of potty training, but that didn't happen. laney decided she would attempt it "tomorrow day" and curled up in the fetal position sobbing every time i even suggested we were out of diapers. libbi kept saying she was having "spring break," laney was having a "potty break," and that momma was having a "break down." just kidding about that last part.  or at least about libbi saying it. ;-)

we went to a birthday party for one of laney's little friends today. she was so excited and had the best time. my girls LIVE for party food - ha! you know how there's always that one girl on The Bachelor that says "i'm not here to make friends. i'm here to find love…."??? well, that is JUST like my girls at birthday parties. "we are not here to make friends. we are here to find the cake." and i have to admit, they get it honestly. baby showers are one of my favorite things because i love shower food :) 
and what makes this picture even funnier to me is the fact that libbi wasn't even invited to this party. it was one of laney's little friends from school and libbi just tagged along. yet here she is at the head of the table, pounding cake like she's the birthday girl. oh, libbi. 

libbi and laney have been playing really well together lately. especially the past few days while i have been a little preoccupied with liza being sick. she's needed a lot of extra attention and the big girls have been so good about playing and letting me tend to her. they love to play together, but y'all they will fight over just about anything. anything! it's crazy! 
the other night i found them in their room arguing over who could reach higher on the wall. seriously. 

one of the main things they fight over? strings and ribbons. i'm not even kidding. they'll find a long piece of yarn or a stray ribbon from a gift and act like it is solid gold. they are suddenly into "fishing" and "walking dogs" and "making belts" and every blasted thing you can think of to do with A STRING!!! they will inevitably end up fighting over it and i will lose my mind and remind them that it is basically TRASH that they're fussing over. we have a million and a half toys and they will argue over a discarded ribbon. true sisterly love :)

jeffrey went to the masters on thursday and brought the girls back cute little shirts and some cookies. he knows the way to our hearts. we're phil fans, but since he's no longer in contention i'm rooting for jordan spieth and i wouldn't hate it if adam scott won and had to be interviewed and photographed. over. and over. and over. ;-)

we closed out our spring break week stuffing eggs together for the big egg hunt at maw maw's house tomorrow. the girls are pumped. even though libbi keeps calling it a "treasure hunt." it's sure to be a fun time. and hopefully i'll blog about it and post some pictures sometime before christmas. 

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