Sunday, August 31, 2014

community helpers...

last week libbi studied "community helpers" at school… and it seems fitting since we've had LOTS of involvement with helpers in our community over the past seven days :)

we started off our week with a trip to the doctor to see the lovely nurses and pediatrician. seems that sweet libbi so lovingly shared her strep throat with laney. awesome. 
laney was a rockstar patient and thankfully we caught it early so laney didn't have too rough a time with it (unlike libbi's miserable WEEK with it - ugh!) 

two days later we met up with yet another helper in our community as laney went in for her 6 month recheck on her tubes. it seems as though laney falls into the "less than 8%" category of the lucky ones whose tubes don't fall out. again, awesome. liza's face pretty much sums up my reaction….
so she has to have them removed next month since they're not budging on their own. it's crazy to think that laney was liza's age when she had them put in - time flies, doesn't it?! 
here she is at the ENT at 2, 2.5, and 3 years old. our laylay is a-growin' up!

community helper experience #3 of the week - teachers! since laney was feeling better on thursday and had been on her antibiotic for 48 hrs, she felt up to going to "meet the teacher" at her preschool. she was a little apprehensive about going to school without libs, but she put on her brave face ;) 

thursday evening, libbi had her first soccer practice! we were thankful for community helper experience #4 of the week - volunteer coaches. libbi was thrilled to find out a friend from school is on her team and we're looking forward to a great season!

community helper experience #5 - friday morning libbi had a community helper parade at school. each child could choose to dress up as someone who helps out in the community - occupations like doctor, dentist, teacher, coach, mailman, etc. libbi's first choice was a superhero since "they help everyone!" but she settled on a teacher as plan B. ha! she looked so stinkin' cute in her little blazer (that she kept calling a "blizzard") and her (pretend) glasses. 

*side note - she told me she just wanted to wear the glasses for a picture but she didn't want to wear them at school or for the parade because she'd be too embarrassed. apparently she changed her mind, because she DID wear them for the parade and has pretty much kept them on ever since. i've had to force her to take them off for bed at night - haha!

friday afternoon we made another visit to the oh, so helpful doctor in our community - community helper experience #7 - this time for liza girl. seems she dodged the strep bullet and instead found herself a double ear infection. if you're keeping count, this was our THIRD visit to a doctor's office in four days. i am contemplating buying stock in amoxicillin. or at least suggesting a punch card system to our pediatrician. ;) 

saturday morning we all put on our red and black to prepare for the big game. before we ran out that morning, libbi and jeffrey were playing around and libbi slipped and fell. she hit her head on the back of the ottoman. we knew it was a hard hit, but it didn't seem to be too bad. i gave her some ice, dried her tears, and checked for a knot or any sign of an injury. i didn't see anything and she seemed to be feeling fine, so we left for the day. 

later that night, after she took a bath, i found the place where she hit her head that morning. it was still open and bleeding a bit, so we decided that she should probably have it seen about. jeffrey took libbi for community helper experience #8 of the week - the friendly neighborhood ER doctors and nurses. 
thankfully, it wasn't anything too serious - nothing a little novocain and superglue couldn't fix. 
and i'm super thankful that jeffrey was up for watching the second half from the ER waiting room and that the dawgs won! 

our week spent learning about community helpers was definitely an interesting one, and i have to say i'm thankful it didn't involve any police officers or fire fighters - ha! -  but i'm sure hoping we're done with our community helper "lessons" for a while! 

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