Saturday, August 23, 2014

five on friday (on a saturday)...

i missed my "five on friday" so let's just pretend this is posting on friday, mmkay
a random list of thoughts from the past week: 

1. it's no secret that i love reality tv. and i'm happy to say that this season's shows do not disappoint. my current favorites are: real housewives of orange county, real housewives of new jersey, teen mom (*hangs head in shame*), jersey belle, and even a little bit of don't be tardy. jeffrey wants nothing to do with these quality programs - i know, shocking, right? - so i have to watch them all by my lonesome. and y'all… i have so many thoughts. so many. and no one to discuss them with. the struggle is real. the struggle is real. 

2. another current favorite? jimmy fallon. i'm probably late to the game on this one, but oh my gosh if he isn't the cutest thing. he is hilarious. i literally laugh out loud when watching his show. poor jeffrey - all he wants is to sleep and i'm either laughing out loud, watching grown women scream at each other, or listening to jenelle and nathan figure out life. it's a wonder he doesn't hide the remote. or just get rid of the tv altogether. (don't get any ideas, jeffrey!) 

3. i'm happy to say that libbi made it through her first FULL week of kindergarten - woohoo!! after being out sick almost all of last week, she came back strong and had a great week. i'd say the amount of tears and meltdowns we've had this evening are a direct correlation to a successful (busy!) week of kindergarten! 

4. we taught the girls to play "would you rather…?" i'm not sure if it's kid friendly in real life, but in our house it is. it's pretty hilarious actually. besides the fact that both libbi and laney think it's "would you radder" the questions they come up make us laugh. laney's go to questions are: 
"would you radder eat a pinecone or eat a…. (fill in the blank with poopoo, button, tree, etc.)?
and "would you radder get a new dress or get new shoes?" and typically no matter what the options are, laney will always choose something else. if you offer her A or B, she'll choose C every time. it's a fun way to pass the time while riding in the car and believe me, it's very entertaining for all of the participants. 

5. this is probably a little inappropriate, but it was hilarious. laney was absolutely beside herself when she saw these mannequins at the mall. i didn't even notice them as we were walking by, and she said "uh….momma….." as she pointed and her eyes about bugged out of her head. she then collapsed into a fit of giggles and begged me to take her picture so she could "show libs." who am i to deny her? haha! 
enjoy :) 

happy weekend, friends!
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