Wednesday, September 10, 2014

S is for...

today's post is brought to you by the letter "S"

S is for….

libbi had her first soccer game on saturday…. she's still getting comfortable with the whole thing, but in the words of the great elle woods: - she totally "looked the part" ;) 

cutest soccer player i've ever seen! 

School pictures….
speaking of cuteness…. this school picture?! just about did me in. precious!!

School….the other tippins sisters have been busy as well. laney had her first day of school (more on that later) and she loved it! although she doesn't love waking up early and getting dressed. she likes to stay in her jammies all day - unlike libbi who wants to be up and fully dressed (bow and shoes included) by 7 am. 

Surgery….laney also had a visit to the ENT a few weeks back and we scheduled her surgery to have her tubes removed. yes, you read that correctly - removed. the ENT said that this only happens in about 8% of the cases with tubes, and so naturally - we're in that 8%. laney had her tubes put in when she was 13 months old. while they have served her (and us!) well, they have not fallen out like they should. so more than two years later, she's having them taken out. hopefully it will be just as quick and painless as the original surgery. 

liza girl also has a big month with a procedure of her own! sweet girl has a blocked tear duct. she's had it since she was around 7-8 weeks old. we tried every remedy we could think of, both prescription and at home, but nothing seemed to work. libbi and laney both had a blocked tear duct when they were infants, but theirs corrected itself. liza wasn't so lucky. so she'll be having a minor surgical procedure to help clear out the blockage and hopefully clear things up. 

Series…. we started a new series at church last week, "at the movies" and so far it's been a hit with the girls. :) it's so much fun to go to church each week and see the lobby set up like scenes from a movie! if you're local - you should join us! and if you're not local, you can watch online :) (

Storytime…. doesn't everyone read SEC themed books for their bedtime story? ha! :) 
we do love us some georgia bulldogs. when we're not reading about our dawgs, libbi has been reading her library books to us at night. and let me tell you, it's both amazing and completely strange to hear your child read. i mean, actually READ books on her own. 

so between soccer, surgeries, school, and just regular old sister fun - our september is shaping up to be a busy, busy month! :) 
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