Thursday, November 6, 2014


hi, my name is amy and this is my blog, although you wouldn't know it since it's been over two weeks since i've visited this little space on the interwebs. but i'm back (again) and hopefully this time i'll catch up and keep up. in the grand scheme of things, two weeks isn't really that long. but in reality, a crap ton of things can happen in two weeks. am i right or am i right? ;-)

this picture…. it's christmas card material if you ask me. ;) 

now, in order to catch up and try to get things back up to speed around here, i'm going to do a highlight reel of our past two plus weeks. ready? go….

we had planned to have liza's baby dedication on october 19th, but jeffrey ended up having to go out of and then liza woke up with hand foot and mouth. lovely.

liza's 15 month well visit was already scheduled for that tuesday, so i kept her "well visit" ha! and took her in to confirm the HFM. luckily, they still cleared her to have her tear duct surgery that friday. i was worried that the hand foot mouth diagnosis would delay her surgery, but as long as she didn't have a fever she was good to go.  

two days later, HFM took down it's second victim. 
poor laney got hit hard with the virus. her throat was covered in blisters. 

at that point, i assumed libbi was basically a sitting duck. HFM is SO contagious so i figured there was no way she could get by without one of her sweet sisters sharing it with her. i told jeffrey i had NO idea how laney and liza BOTH got it…. (sarcasm font right there) ;-) 

we cleaned a lot and besides taking libbi to and from school, we didn't leave the house until bright and early friday morning. we went to children's healthcare of atlanta for liza to have her tear duct surgery. she wasn't thrilled about skipping breakfast (it IS the most important meal of the day!) but she was a trooper. the doctor came in to put a "small dot" above her left eye and liza *may* have fought her just a bit…. she wasn't going down without a fight. 

the surgery went perfectly and liza recovered quickly. within a few hours you'd have never known she'd just had surgery that morning. besides a few bloody noses, everything was back to normal. we were SO thankful for how smoothly it went and that it was a successful procedure. 

the following week, everyone returned to school - woohoo! laney had her costume parade at preschool on tuesday morning. she was more than a little excited to wear her anna costume. and she was thrilled to find out one of her friends dressed up as elsa (ha! as if there was any doubt about there being other elsa's and anna's this halloween…) 

the parade was adorable - as always. it's safe to say that laney and liza were just there for the cookies. what can i say? they get it honest. :) 

we followed up the costume parade by going to trunk or treat wednesday night. the girls had a great time and loved seeing all the cars decorated and of course all the candy! 

friday night the we took the girls trick or treating around our neighborhood. they had a blast. between walking around with our little neighbor (another elsa, go figure) and eating candy - they were in heaven. especially liza. i'm pretty sure she was in a full blown sugar coma by the end of the night. it's a wonder she was able to fall asleep.

we've also had another trip out of town for jeffrey, an ENT follow-up for laney (all looks good!), school parties, soccer games, church functions, and just every day life. which kind of explains why i've been slacking on my blogging. we've been b-u-s-y! but i miss this little 'ol blog and all that comes with it so i'm hoping to make time for it each day. even if it's just a few minutes here and there - the process of writing down our moments and memories - no matter how mundane they may seem - is cathartic and good for my soul. so i'll do my best to make time for it. happy (almost) weekend, friends! :) 

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