Tuesday, October 21, 2014

it's hard to be three….

despite what you might have heard, its not easy being three. i firmly believe that three is the new two. ;) 
let it be known that when you're three, one of the main avenues of communication just so happens to be crying. sometimes tears are warranted, but most often that's just not the case. many times i have to laugh, otherwise we'd both end up in tears - ha! i read this post the other day and thought it might be interesting (and possibly a little humorous) to document some of the events that cause such emotional turmoil on a daily basis for my precious three year old. :)

reasons why my three year old is crying…. 

i gave her captain crunch in the car. after she asked for captain crunch.

i didn't enter her secret house through the right door. (aka going around the right side of the pillow instead of the left)

her teeth were squeaky.

her sister called her a pinecone (thanks, sheriff callie)

the my little pony wouldn't look the right way.

i wouldn't let her have smores goldfish for breakfast (even though she technically doesn't even LIKE smores goldfish…)

her pillow wouldn't listen

the captain crunch was on a shelf out of her reach.

i was singing along with the radio

there were bugs outside

the sun was shining

i "forgot" her upstairs. never mind the fact that she was sleeping in her room when my alarm went off and i made my way downstairs.

i cut her mini pancakes in half when she wanted them kept whole so she could make a "pancake sandwich"

i left her mini pancakes whole so she could make a "pancake sandwich" when she wanted them cut in half.

liza was looking at her.

i offered her a brownie.

her sister tooted and it "scared her"

oh, laney. you keep me on my toes every second of every day. you are going to do great things, i just know it. we love you, laylay.

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