Thursday, October 16, 2014


long time, no blog. so a bit of a catch-up on my current happenings….
loving:  seeing my girls happy. libbi and laney have rekindled their love for frozen as of late. they've been wearing their costumes constantly and reenacting the movie. word for word. it is both hilarious and so sweet. thankfully laney is a good sport and agrees to be anna, as libbi would never relinquish her title as elsa, the QUEEN! it doesn't hurt that the anna costume has a cape - and laney loves a good cape. ;) 

reading: i'm late to the game (as usual) but i just finished Gone Girl. and wow. it lived up to the hype, for sure. and on a completely different note, i'm also currently reading/working through the study, "Restless" by Jennie Allen. and it is also completely amazing, but for totally different reasons than Gone Girl - ha! 
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waiting for: a morning with no tears from the tippins trio. are mornings ridiculously emotional for anyone else??? we literally have at least one meltdown from each female under the age of 6 before we leave the house... every. single. morning. it's exhausting. today's tears were over one child's pants that looked "ogrey" (as in they resembled an ogre), one child not being able to drink chocolate milk, and another child's pancakes that were cut into triangles instead of half circles. all perfectly logical reasons to lose your mind.

excited about: the awesome parent/teacher conference we had with libbi's teacher this morning. i am SO proud of our girl and how well she's doing in kindergarten. she's reading, writing, following rules, and making friends. what more could we ask for?! :)

trying to: find my groove. even though we're two months into the school year, i feel like i'm just now getting into a groove of drop off and pick up times, different schedules and events, and everything that goes along with two kids in two different schools. 
working on: halloween and thanksgiving items for the shop! lots of cute stuff coming to the etsy shop. this year i'll be offering christmas cards, too! can't wait!!

enjoying: my girls. we had the best few days of "fall break." it was so nice to be home together with no plans. i'm pretty sure one of those days we didn't get out of our jammies. it was glorious. ;) 

using: ebates. for everything! i've already started a bit of christmas shopping and i make sure to use ebates so i can get cash back! if you've not signed up - you need to! it is FREE money!! :) instead of going straight to the site you want to shop at, go to ebates first, then click through to your destination site. when you check out, you'll receive cash back. it's as easy as that! you can sign up through my link HERE.

wearing: long sleeves. finally! we've had a few days with temps lower than 80˚ which means fall could finally be upon us! 

planning: outfits for family pictures. or i guess i should say the girls' outfits. i spend way too much time trying to find the perfect outfit for libbi, laney, and liza…. and then just grab whatever i have clean for me. ha! priorities, people. ;) 
needing: to make time to exercise more. or at all, really. i'm not getting any younger and this body is the only one i've got, so i might as well take care of it properly. ;) 
learning: that the true mark of obedience is trusting God under pressure. trusting God is "all" or "not at all" - i evidence my trust in God when i obey Him in all things, even when i don't understand. whew. that is tough stuff! 

listening to: sadly, the number one song on repeat at our house right now is "the gummy bear song." if you've never heard it, consider yourself lucky. it's so annoying, albeit very catchy. my girls are obsessed with it. and watching the youtube video of it just about sends them over the edge.  
doing: laundry. it's a never ending chore 'round these parts. 
dreaming of: if i'm dreaming big, i'm dreaming of planning a trip to disney world for the girls. it's overwhelming how much information is out there! but if it involves princesses, they'll love it. if i'm just regular old dreaming, then i'm dreaming of a day spent lying in bed catching up on all my dvr'd shows (and where calories don't count, obviously). 

this is me. 

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