Wednesday, October 1, 2014

memories of firsts: walking...

big things are happening at the tippins household…. liza girl has started walking!
i would love to say she took her FIRST steps towards me….but that's not the case. i had just flipped on mickey mouse and she popped right up and took off.  liza loves her some mickey and minnie mouse!

libbi took her FIRST steps the day she turned 11 months old. laney waited a bit longer to take her FIRST steps - she was just shy of 13 months. and liza girl waited even longer and took her FIRST steps at 14 months.

i caught a quick video of one of liza's FIRST attempts. a small warning, you may want to turn the volume down. unless you'd like the dogs in your neighborhood to start barking in response to my high pitched scream. sorry…. i was excited :)

and of course i had to go searching for videos of my other girls' FIRST steps. i found libbi's, but couldn't find any of laney. so sorry, laylay. we do love you. and i know i have some sort of footage of your FIRST steps….somewhere. i'm just not sure where at the moment. just don't let this be the FIRST thing you bring up in therapy, mmmkay? ;-)  #middlechildsyndrome

here's a small clip of libbi's FIRST steps.
again…. the volume. my screaming. apparently the excitement was just as great the FIRST time around as it was the second and third.

and even though i can't find the video of laylay walking - here's a picture of one of the FIRST times she stood on her own. i can't leave out this sweet girl. :) 

it's going to be a busy month for the tippins girls! 
happy october FIRST, friends! 

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