Friday, September 26, 2014

friday favorites...

i'm linking up with some fun blogs today to share some of my "friday favorites"…..

1. fall tv!! woo-hoo. i am SO happy that fall tv shows have started again. SVU is probably my favorite of the week - i set my dvr to record it since jeffrey was out of town on wednesday night and i can't bring myself to watch anything "scary" while he's gone - ha!  instead i stick to educational programs like real housewives and teen mom.

2. i am loving these toms booties. the herringbone is adorable! i'm seriously considering them…. i just have to make myself buy them. for some reason i have no problem buying all sorts of precious little girl clothes, but when it's time to stock my own wardrobe, i always hesitate. i'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that i'm covered in food, babies, or other substances throughout most of the day. (also, shout out to laney for leaving a broken orange crayon in her pocket. in case you didn't know it, those things melt in the dryer. i have a (now orange) shirt to prove it.) 

3. cool weather. can i get an amen?! i think i'm most excited that we won't have to endure any more 1000 degree soccer games on saturday mornings. thank goodness it's cooling off! 

see? H-O-TTTTT! 

4. sweet little kindergarten handwriting. i love that libbi is phonetically spelling words. it just cracks me up. and i have to let you know that i do have secret talent…. i am fluent in phonetic writing. i can decipher almost any piece of kid writing. it's a gift. ;) 
"my apples are juicy." 


this is hysterical to me because while studying the five senses, i guess they did a "smell" experiment where they had to guess what was in a canister based on what it smelled like. it makes me laugh that libbi seriously guessed, "skunks" and "garbage" and believed that her teacher used those scents - haha!

5. another recent favorite is having libbi and her cousins at the same school. actually, my brother and sister in law are there, too. it's so much fun watching the girls attend events with their cousins (who they adore!) and even simple outings like ice cream after school are enough to make their little lives complete - ha! i love it! 
in case you can't tell, that's libbi's "thumbs up, wink, cool kindergarten girl" pose. :)

last week's homecoming parade. don't worry, i think liza has forgiven me for not letting her sit with the big girls. 

6. and what would a list of favorites be without these cuties?! 
we've had a busy week, but these girls have been troopers! liza girl is trying her hardest to walk - she's allllllmost there. 
laney had her tubes removed and handled it like a champ! 
libbi passed her blue sight words at school, met her reading goal, and is just all around rocking at kindergarten. 
i couldn't be prouder of all three of my girls! 

have a great weekend, friends!  

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