Friday, September 19, 2014

it's friday...

it's friday and i have a quick five on friday list to share before i go to bed. this momma is 

1. i cannot use the acronym LOL. seriously, i can't make myself use it. i'm pretty sure that i have never in my life typed it out in a text or email. i will say, "i laughed out loud" but for some reason i feel like an idiot using LOL. i'll use plenty of other acronyms, "IMO, ICYMI, OMG, but LOL? i just can't do it. 

2. i don't like pumpkin spice anything. lattes, candles, muffins, hashtags, whatever. so i guess i'm not totally a basic white girl - ha! ;-) 

3.  i secretly enjoy the carpool line. most of the time, liza and laney are either sleeping or watching a dvd so i have a few minutes of peace and quiet. i've actually been reading while i wait. reading!! who would have thunk it?! don't get me wrong, there are the days when the carpool line is anything but peaceful (think liza screaming and laney having to potty. thankfully, i travel with a potty. hey - you gotta do what you gotta do) but for the most part, it's almost (dare i say it?) relaxing. 

4. we've been putting the girls to bed almost an hour earlier, but please don't tell them. haha! :) 
kindergarten and preschool are very exhausting, so i figured why not? 
there's no sense in staying up just because it was still light outside, right? so libbi and laney have been going to bed at 7:30. and most nights laney is fast asleep by 7:40 and libbi is not too far behind. libbi is our little night owl, so every once in a while she's still talking my ear off at 8:30, but for the most part - our 7:30 bedtime has been successful for a few weeks now. liza is easy - she's practically begging to go to bed by 7:00 - girl likes her sleep. (now if she could just quit having major blowouts at 3AM i'd be a lot happier!)

5. today we went to a pep rally, a homecoming parade, and a tailgate for the homecoming football game. that 7:30 bedtime never sounded so good! TGIF friends! :) 

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