Wednesday, April 29, 2015

fun run...

if i'm being honest, "fun run" is basically an oxymoron for me. even if i'm being chased - i think i'd just rather give up, call it quits, and meet my fate.  judge me all you want, but running is just not my thing. 
but watching my kids run? i could do it all day. there is nothing better than seeing happy little feet running around completely carefree. i was able to go to laney's fun run today and watch her do her thing along with all the other three year olds at her preschool. it was a morning full of baby legs doing their best just to keep up and running their hearts out. there were all types of runners -  the shufflers, the frankensteins, the skippers, and the speed racers just to name a few. i loved watching every one of them. so it makes sense to me that three year old's would participate in a "fun run" - but this thirty something year old? there's no fun left in my run. 

laney woke up at 5:30 and immediately put on her "running shoes" (she would have slept in them the night before if i'd let her). for two weeks now she's been asking every morning, "is today my fun run day?" and finally my answer was, "YES!" she was so pumped. she practiced her running stance and showed off her skills all morning. libbi was less than impressed and liza was still asleep, but that didn't stop laney from running laps around the kitchen at 6:30 AM. and seriously, how could you be mad at this precious runner? she was so cute and so excited. 

when she got to school, she was given her fun run tshirt (which i'm sure will become a new favorite and thus a new battle to fight each morning). then all the three year olds at her preschool went to the "track" to run their laps. laney was so serious. she was head down, eyes focused, running like the wind. sister meant business. it took her a few laps before she spotted me, but when she did her eyes lit up and i'm pretty sure she sped up even more. after that she would glance my way and smile each time she circled around, but then she was back to business. 
(liza was way too busy for pictures….)

when the fun run ended (after the three year old lap cap of 15 laps) my little superstar met me in the victory circle with a huge smile and rosy red cheeks. she was so proud of her accomplishment - and we were too! she received her medal, did a little hula-hooping, and then decided to take one more victory lap around the track. (liza joined her - but can you blame her? they were blasting "i like to move it" from madagascar and that is laney and liza's jam.)

it was definitely a "fun run" as far as laney was concerned - and i have to admit, it was fun for me, too... especially since i didn't have to do a lick of running. ha! 

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