Friday, April 24, 2015

five on friday…art work and stories

one of my favorite things about the girls being in school is getting the chance to see their creativity come to life in the form of art and in libbi's case, her writing. i go back and forth between being impressed, laughing hysterically, and sometimes being a bit embarrassed - ha! 
this week's five on friday features some of my favorite original pieces from some of my favorite girls. enjoy! 

this one is not quite an original artwork, but i definitely thought it deserved some recognition. 
laney's teachers do a survey each week where they ask the children in her class a question and then their answers are featured on their class newsletter for all to see. it ranges anywhere from "what's your favorite color?" to "what's inside the egg?" and everything in between. a few weeks back, the question of the week was, "what are you really good at doing?" and when i saw laney's answer i wasn't really sure how to feel. 
on one hand, i was proud of her for telling the truth. because she does, in fact, wake me up…every.single.night. and so i guess she is really good at it. but i also felt like i should explain that to her teachers (and all the parents!) lest they think my poor child has to wake me up during the day because i'm sleeping on the job. ha! i hope the other parents weren't feeling bad about themselves and their parenting skills after reading what laney is so good at. it's okay - the good lord gave us all different talents in life. laney's just so happens to involve waking me up. ;-)

here's one of laney's latest creations from school. the perks of having an older sister? you learn to color earlier and better because she forbids you to scribble scrabble. laney is our little color queen! 
and one of libbi's creations: 
and a funny little backstory about libbi's. apparently the assignment was to create a robot. after they completed it, the art teacher had a high school student recreate the kindergartener's robots out of clay. they were then displayed next to each other at the art show. libbi's robot was adorable and the high school student did an excellent job of replicating it. however… 
when i asked libbi about the name "boo boo" that was labeled on her robot, she seemed a bit confused. she kept telling me that was NOT what she named her robot. she couldn't understand why it was named boo-boo when that wasn't the name she had given it. i was a bit confused myself, until i flipped her paper over. once i saw her little kindergarten handwriting on the back, the name change suddenly made sense. there in her precious left handed scrawl were the letters b-o-o-b. that's right. boob.  i asked, "did you name your robot, 'boob'?!" and she very casually replied - "yes. mrs. xxxxx said we could name it whatever we wanted. so i did." 

and just like that, it all became clear why someone made the executive decision to change boob's name to boo-boo before he was on display for the entire community to see at the art show. 

the past few weeks have been such loooooong, rainy weeks. we've been stuck inside for a good part of it. but when it hasn't been raining, my girls have been outside. they love being outside. all three of them could stay out there for hours. they've really been into the sidewalk chalk lately. libbi and laney drew chalk outlines of their bodies and then filled them in. 
libbi decided to add ovaries to hers.
just kidding. they're actually pockets. couldn't you tell? ;)

reading libbi's stories that she writes and being able to see her imagination at work is so much fun! and i have to admit, it's sometimes a bit funny, too. one of my all time favorites has to be a portrait of jeffrey that she drew for "dad's day" at school. her teacher displayed all the pictures that the students drew and each dad was supposed to identify himself from the picture his child drew. 
as you can imagine, jeffrey wasn't immediately drawn to libbi's. haha! bless her.
i posted this picture on instagram, because all i can think about when i see jeffrey's portrait is maury povich saying, "the results are in…. and you ARE the father!" and the audience gasping because it's such a shock. hahaha!

and finally, i can't forget baby liza. she is growing up every day and changing so much! she is just the sweetest thing and has the cutest smile i've ever seen. the big girls adore her and she feels the same way about them. i love watching her discover new things each day. our sweet liza pig. and she loves to draw with sidewalk chalk just as much as she loves eating it. :)

i am so thankful for my girls and their creative minds. :)
happy weekend, friends!

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