Tuesday, April 14, 2015

one direction, tony romo, and signs that i'm officially old…..

quite a random entrance back into blogging, huh? ha! :) 

unless you were living under a rock or just really didn't care, then you probably know that last week was masters week. the tippins family is quite fond of the masters…. although we each have our own reasons. jeffrey is the golf enthusiast of the family. he truly enjoys the masters for the love of the game. he loves the beauty of augusta national and could walk the course all day every day. if he were to ever play it? i'm sure it would rank up there in his top life moments. ever. i'm also pretty sure he imagines the entrance to heaven is similar to that of magnolia lane. ;-)

i can definitely appreciate the beauty of augusta national. it's truly like nothing i've ever seen before. and i don't play golf, but i don't mind watching golfers. i mean golf. ;) 

the delicious (and cheap!) snacks at the masters don't hurt either. i mean, where else can you eat a barbecue sandwich at 9am?! and the pink lemonade? sooooo good.

the girls don't really know much about the game of golf, but they do know their daddy loves it so therefore, they love it too. laney may or may not have referred to it as football a few times…but that's why we love laney. 

i told the girls jeffrey and i were going to the masters and libbi said, "oh….. because daddy is a master?" uh, not quite. i then asked, "do you know who our favorite golfer is?" and laney excitedly said "DADDY!" true. but i guess i should have specified that i meant professional golfer. ;)  

libbi knows that we're phil mickelson fans, but she still doesn't quite understand the whole fame/professional/celebrity type status. when i got home on thursday after our day at the masters, she asked if we saw amy (phil's wife) side note: libbi thinks we're phil fans because he looks like her daddy and his wife's name is amy, so in her mind we're basically twins. ha! anyway, she asked if we saw amy and i told her we had not. she said "did you ask phil where she was?" and i tried to explain that we don't actually talk to the golfers, but i don't think she quite "got it" as she then wanted to know if i had asked him where his kids were….

while walking around the course, jeffrey and i tried to guess if we'd see anyone we knew. in year's past, we've always seen at least a few people from home that were at the tournament that day, too. i just so happened to spot someone i knew on the first hole. none other than tony romo. ha! jeffrey didn't think that counted as someone i knew, but i sure thought it did! not only that, but he was with his brother in law, chace crawford. now THAT'S my kind of golf tournament ;-) 

as we followed phil's group, we started to notice that many of the same people were traveling from hole to hole with us. groups of people flocked to each hole to watch phil mickelson, rory mcilroy, and ryan moore. i noticed a group of young guys that were following rory mcilroy. from their accents i could tell they weren't from the south - so i figured they were either fans or possibly friends of rory's from back home. we walked together from hole to hole often standing right by them. at one point, i was sure i saw someone ask the blond headed guy for his autograph. i told jeffrey that i thought he might be famous, but i wasn't positive. he told me i should ask, but i said no since i would feel like an idiot either way. if he wasn't famous i'd feel stupid for asking and if he was, i'd feel stupid that i didn't know. haha! sometime during the day i heard someone mention that one of the members of "one direction" had caddied for rory the previous day in the par three contest…. and sure enough, that's who was walking right by us the entire round on thursday!

i had no clue who he was! oops. i told jeffrey that this was a sign we were officially old. we were walking around for hours with one of the members of the most popular boy bands in the world and had no idea. don't get me wrong, if it had been justin timberlake or nsync - i probably would have been removed from augusta national due to stalking - but one direction? not a chance.

we saw a few other nba players, athletes and even rory mcelroy's dad. it's funny because more than likely in any other setting, people like niall horan (the one direction member…. yes, i had to google him) would be mobbed. but at augusta national they can walk around like any "normal" person. cameras and cell phones are not allowed so there's no one to take their pictures or snap selfies with them. you basically have to be quiet most of the time so no one can scream their names. and honestly, the majority of the demographic at the masters probably couldn't care less who one direction is. 

the masters is a golf tradition unlike any other, and it's also a tradition for our little family. this masters onesie has seen six years of tippins sisters. even if you're not exactly a golf fan, you can sure look cute trying, right? at least that's our motto ;-) 
{liza 20 months, liza 9 months}

{libbi  22 months, laney 23 months, liza 20 months}

{top: left - libbi 10 months, right - libbi 22 months
bottom: left - laney 23 months, liza 20 months}

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