Tuesday, September 1, 2015

memories of firsts: red & black….

the FIRST georgia game i ever went to was in college. i know. i had basically been deprived by entire life. but i don't blame my parents, because they just didn't know any better. and before i went to college at UGA, my brother went to another measly little school in our area…. {GaTech} but that's neither here nor there. ;-)

jeffrey and i went to our FIRST georgia game together in 2001. babies, y'all. we were babies! want proof? (besides the obvious young, well rested faces in the picture)? this photo was not taken with a cell phone. or even a digital camera. it was taken with a disposable kodak camera that i dropped off at the one hour photo after the game. those were good times, my friends. 

14 years and many georgia games later, we decided to raise our girls right and with an esteemed knowledge of SEC football. so libbi attended her FIRST UGA game when she was three years old. selfishly, we wanted to wait until she could walk so we didn't have to carry her all the live long day. (although that didn't work out so well) the FIRST time she went to sanford stadium, she was in awe. and rightfully so. she was also able to ride her FIRST "school bus" and have her FIRST experience with "tailgating"….. at chick-fil-a. ;-)

she enjoyed her FIRST experience at the georgia game so much that we decided to take her back the following year. again, she had a blast. she's a true dawg fan through and through. although for the FIRST few years of her life she did call them the "borgia gulldogs" - bless her. it's easy to get a little tongue tied. 

when libbi was four years old, jeffrey decided to take her by herself for the FIRST time. it wasn't the original plan, but i may or may not have been "banned" from attending games with him that season. 

before i was banned, i did go to the FIRST home game that season with jeffrey. it was a bit stressful because it was the FIRST time i had left liza (she was about 7 weeks old) and she still wasn't taking a bottle. so i'm pretty sure i became one of the FIRST fans to bring a breastpump with me to the stadium. but we won that game so it was worth it. all went well with liza, so i decided to make another trip to athens with jeffrey. but it all went downhill (for me, not the bulldogs) at the LSU game that year. we got everyone set up at my mom and dad's and headed out to athens. it's safe to say that game was a pretty "big" game. we spent the afternoon in athens having fun and seeing friends, but then for whatever reason right before game time, i started feeling pretty sick. so sick that i didn't think i could make it through the game. so about fifteen minutes before the biggest game of the year, we gave up our tickets to a young couple right outside the stadium. and let me tell you, that game didn't disappoint. it ended up being one of those games that is just all around unforgettable and everyone talks about it for days. bless jeffrey's heart. he never said a mean word about me getting sick, giving up our tickets, or having to miss such a huge game. but he did ban me from attending anymore games with him that season - ha! so libbi was able to go to another game that 2013 season, thanks to me! :) 
(this was pre-LSU. notice the smiles….they weren't so evident post-LSU)
libbi and jeffrey continued the tradition last year with going to another home game together. 
laney will have her FIRST experience eventually, but as of right now, her legs "quit working" all too often. laney may be able to make it through the FIRST quarter, but i can guarantee we'd spend more money on snacks than we would on tickets to the game. liza hasn't had her FIRST game day experience just yet, but she and laney both have been sporting their red and black since their FIRST football seasons. 
libbi will be attending the FIRST game of the season this year with jeffrey (while the little girls and i cheer from home) and maybe just maybe laney will get to go to her FIRST game this year as well. (but i'm not holding my breath….sorry, lane). at this rate, liza may go to her FIRST game before laney goes to hers - but truthfully,  i don't think she minds…. now if they sold gummies at the stadium, laney would be all over it. thankfully, she has an endless supply of fruit snacks at home, so she's happier here. ;-) 
the tippins family is looking forward to the FIRST game of the season! happy september FIRST and Goooooo Dawgs! 
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