Friday, September 18, 2015

five on friday….

brace yourselves, because i know this will be a shock to many, but i've started bootcamp. yes, that's right - bootcamp. as in working out. i've been going on M,W, F mornings at 5:30am for a few weeks now. which is insane, i know - but it's pretty much the only time that actually works for me to be gone. so i've got to work with what i've got. what's also insane is that i wake up at 4:40 am in order to be there each day…. and then i come home and shower, fix breakfast, get the girls dressed and ready for school, put lunches together (i do pack them the night before, but have to put ice packs, etc. in them in the morning) fix three little heads of hair, and get us all out the door by 7:40. after that i pretty much run all of my people from here to there and back again and just try not to collapse from sheer exhaustion. so needless to say, when i wake up at 4:40am and go nonstop until 8:30pm, i pretty much crawl into bed each night and just try lie as still as a statue so i don't make my already aching muscles move if they don't have to. see also: i'm a major wimp ;-)

this week was the first official week that all three tippins sisters went to school! you can go ahead and color me surprised that liza loves it. i honestly thought she was going to have the toughest time, because  she's my baaaaaaby, but i was pleasantly surprised that she went in so willingly! the first morning (last week) was a bit rough…. but after that, she was so excited to go on tuesday and thursday mornings. 
laney, on the other hand… well, she's still struggling a bit. bless her heart, laney is my homebody. she loves to stay home and play. she likes her stuff. her house. her toys. her momma. and her jammies. and unfortunately, those things just aren't happening at school. she'll be fine, i know - but this going to school business is just not her thing…yet. but for what it's worth, she's been super happy every day when i've picked her up and told me how much she loves school and how awesome it is, so i know she truly loves it, it's just hard to get going some mornings. 

last weekend jeffrey and i went to nashville for the UGA vs vanderbilt game. it was a nice little weekend getaway and a dawgs win made it that much sweeter. we ate good food, had a full night's sleep, perfect weather, and even did a little shopping. what more could i ask for? ;) we're hopeful this weekend will be another weekend full of great weather and a dawg victory! 

as pathetic as it may be, i am beyond excited for new fall shows to start! not that i haven't enjoyed my RHOC and teen mom 2 viewings, but i am ready for my shows. jeffrey made fun of me last night as i scrolled through the tv guide to next week's lineup so i could schedule all my favorites to record. 
he doesn't exactly share my love of tv. but that's okay - i don't mind….it just means more shows for me. although i'm going to have to figure something out, because this whole bootcamp thing is really getting in the way of my tv watching. i can't stay up past 9:00 to watch anything! but for law&order:svu i will push through. i owe it to olivia benson. ;-)

i posted last week about my love for gifs. jeffrey recently told me that he thought meme's and gifs were my love language. which is odd since he also sent me a text that said, "please stop sending those" (and that's a direct quote) after a particularly entertaining gif/text convo (at least on my part) hashtag dream crusher. so i did as any good wife would do, and i upped my gif game. ;-) did y'all know there is a gif keyboard?! i know!! life changing, right? it's just like the emoji keyboard, but it's all gifs. you can now find them with a quick keyboard search - it's amazing. and just like that my phone storage decreased. ha! check it out, though! just search "gif keyboard" in the app store (it's free!) and then feel free to send me all the gifs, because i will laugh at them until kingdom come. 

and this is the message i will send to jeffrey when he decides to rain on my gif parade. 

happy weekend, friends! 

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