Monday, September 28, 2015

flash sale...

hi friends! hope you've all had a lovely weekend! i'm trying something a bit new this week….
i'm having my first ever flash sale! if all goes well, there may be plenty more of these in the future. a flash sale is a quick and easy way to showcase some of my favorite products from my shop at a great price! 

the first flash sale is for a blank spiral journal. 

i have one (or maybe three) of these and LOVE it! i use one for my bible study/quiet time notes and another for my prayer journal. the pages are unlined, which may not be for everyone. but personally, i love that it's full of blank pages - i can doodle and write and journal as freely as i please! 

the details: 
•front and back cover bound by heavy-duty black metal spiral
•80 unlined pages - textured 120 lb weight eggshell paper. 
•front and back cover are heavy card stock and feature the design of your choice! 
•journal measures approx. 5.5x8 inches
•there are six different design options for the time being, but they can be customized to your preference. the designs are set, but i can do any style monogram or any verse on each design! (basically you can "mix and match" the monos and verses with each design). 
• finally, these are just some of my favorite verses that i've added to each journal, if you have another verse (or translation) that you'd like i'll be more than happy to add it for you! 

the price: 
$14.00 shipped
(if you order one or more, there will be a $1.50 additional shipping charge)

how to order: 
there are a few different ways you can order (you only need to complete one of these!)
• if we're Facebook friends, you can order there. the details are on my fb post. (i've made the album "public" so you can view it here if you'd like to order that way!)

• you can order here in the blog comments - just comment below with the following information:
your paypal email address, the number of journals you'd like, the design number, the monogram style and initials (first, LAST, middle), and verse (if desired) for each.

•finally, if you'd rather order via email you can email me at: and include 
your paypal email address, the number of journals you'd like, the design number, the monogram style and initials (first, LAST, middle), and verse (if desired) for each.

(for example:, 2 journals total - design #1, vine monogram a T j, no verse; design #3, roman monogram j T c, isaiah 40:3)
remember, you CAN include a verse/quote of your choice if you'd prefer that over the ones i've chosen. 

(excuse the poor quality iPhone pics, but this is an IRL pic of the front and back of one of my journals)

if you have any questions at all, please email me or comment below and i'll be happy to answer! 

this order will close on friday, october 2nd and the journals should ship by the end of the following week at the latest! thanks, friends!! :) 
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