Thursday, October 1, 2015


happy first day of october! :) i'm currently….

loving: that it's finally starting to cool off. (of course this is that wonderful time of year when you need a jacket in the morning and then you're sweating by 2pm. but whatever. i'll take that over 90+ degrees at 6 am any day.)

reading: for the love by jen hatmaker. it is really funny and an easy read. the chapters are almost like short stories in and of themselves so it's the perfect book for this season of life when i have a lot of hurry up and wait "reading time."  i also just finished the life changing magic of tidying up by marie kondo. it was a very interesting read….and i was inspired for sure. i've already konmari'd my closest. i would show before and after pics, but i'm too ashamed at the amount of junk i had accumulated in my closet. next up, books! 
waiting for: my kids. i feel like 99% of the time i'm either waiting in carpool line for drop-off or pick-up, waiting in the lobby of the ballet studio, or waiting in the viewing room of the gymnastics gym. (see also: what i'm reading)

excited about: the georgia game this weekend. i really, really, really hope we beat alabama.

trying to: stay up later than 9:00 at night. 5:30 am boot camp is kicking my tail.

working on: journals from my flash sale! if you missed it, you still have one more day before the sale closes! :) (CLICK HERE to see the details)

enjoying: new fall shows! hallelujah the fall lineup is upon us. and so far, it's been glorious. 

using: my fitbit (10,000 steps/day, holla!) and of course, the gif keyboard that i posted about last week. my gif game is still going strong (you're welcome, jeffrey). 

wearing: my new shoes. since i've started boot camp i figured it was time to get some new kicks. i recently read that you should replace your running shoes every 300-400 miles. i was about 25,000 miles over due. oops. 

planning: some fun fall activities. pumpkin patches and corn mazes are calling my name! ;-)

singing: sadly, whip nae nae like everyone else in the free world. my girls are obsessed. and i have no problem pretending they're not mine when they start doing the "stanky leg" in sunday school. 

needing: laney to start sleeping better. that child is killing me. she wakes up every single night. no exaggeration- every. single. night.  she ninja warriors her way into our room and then weasels her way into our bed (along with her babies) and makes herself comfortable with her head in jeffrey's ribs and her feet in mine. except it turns out that she's the only who's comfortable. go figure. we've been a little lax about moving her back simply because we have two other sleeping beauties right down the hall and we don't want to disturb them by  dragging a screaming and crying laney back to her bed. but we need to. because while she may be sleeping well, we are definitely NOT!

learning: that first grade is much harder than i remember. libbi brings home school work that makes me go, "huh?!" and honestly concerns me for the future. not hers, mind you-but mine. i consider myself to be a fairly intelligent person, but i'm starting to question if i'll be able to keep up with her in a few years! ;-)

listening to: screaming. i guess liza isn't feeling nap time today. i'm sure she'll wait until about 10 minutes before we have to leave for libbi's afternoon carpool and then decide to settle down and fall asleep. 

wishing: for lots of items from the new matilda jane release! so so cute, y'all! my wishlist just keeps growing - which is good for the girls' closets (and mine!), but bad for the budget ;-)

doing: the alzheimer's walk to remember in memory of my grandad. we're walking on saturday for the third year in a row. it's a special time where many of our family and friends get together to walk in my grandad's honor. 

dreaming of: sunshine. it's been raining for days…and days…. and days. 

what are you currently up to this first day of october? 

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