Friday, October 30, 2015

five on friday….

i haven't written a single thing in almost a month, so i thought, "why not come up with a random five on friday?" makes sense to me. :)

the little girls had their costume parade at preschool last week. it was precious as always. y'all know how much we *love* cats at our house (sarcasm font) so naturally my girls wanted to dress up as little kittens. i have to say driving to school with two cats in the car was a first for me, and i didn't hate it. ;-) (although i could have done without the constant meowing and laney answering every question in "cat").

i'm still in the process of cleaning out things and trying to pare down the excess that has taken over our house. it's a bit overwhelming, but i can already see some positive changes and i've only just begun! it makes it much easier to keep things clean when there isn't an overflow of clothes/toys/stuff. it's also really helpful when 2/3 of my children are out of the house in the mornings so they can't throw themselves on the floor because i've given away their favorite toy (spoiler alert: it's not a favorite. in fact, they didn't even know it existed until they saw it in the "donate" pile). also helpful are black trash bags. that way the evidence is completely concealed from curious little minds. ;-) 

this weekend is a big game! the georgia vs florida game is always one for the books. we've been the past few years, but since it fell on halloween this year, it just didn't work out to go. hello parenting sacrifice. ;-) libbi has been really into georgia football this year - she likes watching the games and pretending she knows all about it. (i can relate to that). i noticed that she had written a message on our weekly calendar last night. typically, we don't allow the word "hate"  but in the case, i can make an exception. she is anything but a fair weather fan. and just to be clear, we hate "flordia" the team. not the beaches. ;-)

between costume parades, superhero sunday, red ribbon week, dentist appointments, ribbon week at gymnastics, fall festivals, and doctor's appointments, we've been going nonstop the past few weeks. but these girls have been troopers and bring me such joy throughout it all!

happy halloween from the three little (tippins) kittens! 

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